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I’m Smitten Over These Stunning Jeweled Bags

Here at PurseBlog, we fully embrace and encourage obsessing over our accessories. I’m willing to bet that you may have developed your love for accessorizing and handbags at a young age, and perhaps you even had an influential family member that inspired your obsession. I know I certainly did, and that person happens to be my late grandmother. I have such special memories of playing dress up in her closet, always fawning over all of the special pieces in her collection. Did anyone else spend a lot of their childhood years playing dress up, or was that just me? My grandmother had a spectacular wardrobe, and she especially loved to collect jewelry. She always taught me that fine jewelry is wonderful (who doesn’t love diamonds?!), but costume jewelry is a really fun and inexpensive way to play with fashion and make a statement. As such, I have cultivated quite the costume jewelry collection, with a few fine jewelry pieces thrown in there, most note-worthy being my wedding ring. I’m super sentimental and find that collecting and wearing costume jewelry is a way to stay connected to her.

In addition to her love of jewelry, my grandma had a strong eye for handbags. I often share the story of the time that I was visiting her in the hospital and she grabbed my Rebecca Minkoff and said “real leather, good girl”. She was a fashionista through and through, and my family knows that I inherited my love of handbags from her. Because I love costume jewelry so dearly, I have been captivated with jewel details on bags for as long as I can remember. A jeweled bag intrinsically blends my love for sparkly jewelry and handbags, and it’s a total no-brainer that I gravitate towards them. Luckily for me, and anyone with a fondness of sparkles, the selection available at the moment is incredible! I have multiple bags of varying styles and brands sitting high on my wishlist, but they all have one thing in common: jewels. I’ve been particularly smitten with a few of Miu Miu’s designs, they are so eye-catching and covet-worthy!

A jeweled handbag instantly elevates any outfit, and while the look is certainly a little bit dressier than your average handbag, I think you can dress the style down as well. I am a firm believer that a statement handbag can be worn with any outfit, and a jeweled bag is a fabulous statement to be making. I don’t like saving handbags or outfits for “special moments”, because they usually end up sitting in my closet gathering a layer of dust, just waiting for a moment I deem worthy enough. I think a jeweled handbag would look fantastic with a little black dress for an evening out, but it would suit my lifestyle more with a pair of dark jeans, a casual top, and fancy sandals. I’ve rounded up my favorite jeweled handbags below! I hope you love them as much as I do.

What outfit would you pair with a jeweled handbag? I’d love to know.

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Miu Miu Jeweled Top Handle Satchel($2,990)

2 / 9

Gucci Broadway Bee Velvet Shoulder Bag($2,980)

3 / 9

Alexander McQueen Jeweled Satchel Bag($2,190)

4 / 9

Gedebe Brigitte Mini Jeweled Snakeskin Top-Handle Bag($785)

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Miu Miu Iconic Crystal Tote Bag($2,050)

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Fendi Crystal Embellished Leather Baguette($2,850)

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Prada Jewel Small Crystal Embellished Shoulder Bag($1,270)

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Jimmy Choo Venus Crossbody($1,195)

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Gucci Dionysus Small Shoulder Bag($2,650)