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Celine Bag Replica Comparison

Where are Celine bags made? Even though some high end designers now manufacture their bags in China, Celine still makes its bags in Italy. People have also told me about replica sellers that claim their Celine replica bags are made in Italy with original leather and that’s why they cost more than the ones made in China, but allow me to doubt that is true. Some sellers would say anything to sell their products and even though the replica bags they are selling are actually good, it doesn’t mean they are made in Italy. So don’t fall into this “fake Celine bags made in Italy” trap, it’s probably just a reason for the seller to overprice the bags.

I don’t know if you guys remember but a month ago I posted a replica Celine Tie tote review. The bag was bought from a replica seller on Yahoo Auctions that told my friend there are two price points for his replica Celine bags based on where they are made.Celine replica bags are probably made in China. If you comes across a seller who tells you the same thing, the best thing you can do is ask for as many photos as possible to do a comparison. And then you need to ask yourself if the more expensive one is really worth it.
Pros: The stitching is absolutely perfect! It is aligned all over the bag and it is very straight and small. The handles seem to be the right size as it fits in the crook of my arm but not over the shoulder (as another replica I bought did) and the interioir is lushious suede. The pocket has the date stamp tab inside. The bag is made out of real leather and is so increadibly smooth and soft, the suede inside is absolutely lovely!
Customer Service: As always, Victor is very helpful and send really good pre-shipping photos. He also makes sure that all my demands are met and if I don’t like the first bag he sends pictures of he will find me another one until I am happy.
Packaging and shipping: The bag came so well packagde stuffed with 3 air pillows and plastic over all the hardware. The bag arrived within 15 days of payment and it was trackable.

I think that Victor is an excellent seller for Cèline bags. I have different sellers for different brands. But again, I am so happy with this purchase and I hope you can give me some feedback for this bag and post the review on you blog.”
Just like I told my friend, I don’t think the interior is lined with real suede and the front logo looks a bit crooked (especially the accent on “E”) and I also thought that the handle tab on the right looks a bit wider than the one on the left but it seems that the tabs are actually the same size but looks a bit off since the bag is stuffed. Even so, these are flaws that can get overlooked.
 Wow, right? My friend’s advice on how to choose the best Aliexpress sellers? Here it is: “I always choose the sellers with highest rating and ask for tons of pictures before asking them to send the bag

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