Swimwear Trends for Summer 2016


During the cold autumn and winter seasons we always remember and again dream of the sun, sand, sea and tanning that we are used to get in summer. This hot period of time full of fun is also very relaxing and inspiring. We forget about every unpleasant feeling and enjoy the tenderness of the summer. At the same time, we care about our look on the beach. Since swimwear trends are updated by the time we are offered new and new options each summer. If you want to unlock the world of the latest swimwear trends for summer 2016 then, let’s go on.

Swimsuits with floral Prints 2016

Different prints including floral, animal, geometrical and other creative details are all the cool designs for high waists, bikinis, plunging necklines and one-piece swimsuits. They are everywhere in the fashion world and often seen at Luli Fama, Robb & Lulu, San Lorenzo and Mara Hoffman. They are colorful, bright and very eye-catching pieces with the girlish tenderness in them. Printed swimsuits generally allow you to hide some features and flaws on the body that you don’t like to grab attention with. Swimwearfringed Swimwear 2016

We can’t get enough by the fringed style. This is, perhaps the loveliest style that you can meet in shoes, outfits and bags. Now they are combined with the simple styles of the trendy swimsuits. Due to the jump-y nature of the long fringes running from the shoulders to the breasts or on the bikinis these types of Pocahontas inspired swimsuits grab much attention and keep all eyes on your glamorous look. 

 Sporty Swimsuits 2016Swimsuits

Sporty swimsuits were very popular in 2015 but they keep their special place on the top lists of the latest swimwear trends. The big fans of the coy sportswear will surely love the chic and simple solutions on the sporty swimsuits. This year Acacia, Hammock, Maaji and MIKOH offer new collections of gorgeous, gentle and cool sporty swimsuits both with tiny sleeved single pieces and lovely two-piece designs. They are Sporty Swimsuits for 2016combined with geometric patterns, stripes and mesh leather bikini 2016tops.Leather Swimsuits

Hot women with the incredible passion towards leather pieces make their beach swimwear choice between leather swimsuit trends for summer 2016. Here we generally see long-sleeved single pieces and fringed bikini bottoms by MIKOH, Luli Fama and Nookie Beach. The dominant color for leather swimsuits is the jet black which allows you to show off the beauty of your tanned skin.  

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