Mistura Pellicano Watch: Watch Me

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Mistura Pellicano Watch

With all of your upcoming summer travels and adventures, you want a frugally-priced watch that embraces the fun spirit of the season and won’t induce a heart attack if it takes a beating (or worse – gets lost or stolen) throughout your escapades. Mistura hand makes just such pieces from wood and other renewable resources. The Pellicano’s case and painted face have a retro feel, but the studded leather band is certainly a modern touch. With all that’s going on, this almost seems more like a decorative bracelet than a watch, yet sure enough, the vibrant design will keep you up-to-the-minute with its Japanese quartz movement by Citizen. Stack yours with colorful, braided cuffs, or just let this do all the talking on its own! Mistura Pellicano watch 。

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