Frugal Friday: RumbaTime Orchard Gem Watches

Categories:Jewelry & Watches

Rumba Watches

Much like Snob Essentials, RumbaTime was founded by college best friends. I love them for that reason alone, but bias aside, these gemstone-inspired watches are just what you need for summer vacations. With water activities and the potential for loss, it’s best to leave your nice timepieces at home. These soft silicone bands make rolling with the punches easy as can be, whether you’re off playing tennis or taking a dip in the pool (while these are water resistant for 99 feet down, I wouldn’t test the waters too much…pun very much intended). With the casual style and vibrant hues, RumbaTimes are also great for layering with other jewelry. Go ahead and get yourself a few – the prices warrant a splurge! And with Father’s Day coming up, don’t forget to pick up for the dads in your life. You’ll still have money left in the budget to take him to a nice steak dinner! Steaks and watches – this is what men really want, no? RumbaTime Orchard Gem watches available  .


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