Aminimal Studio Map Necklaces: All Roads Lead to…

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Aminimal Studio Map Necklaces

…well, it depends on where you are, I guess! Aminimal Studio founders John and Svetlana Blum Briscella cite urban chaos as one of their inspirations – maybe designing these gorgeous gold-plated necklaces is their way of controlling it. With all of the traveling I do, the little slices of heaven evoke a lot of memories. I love the idea of carrying around a piece of your hometown (Dallas!) or favorite destination. The grids are so detailed you could almost even use them as real maps – don’t quote me when you’re wandering around lost, though! The design duo show love to their area with Williamsburg and Brooklyn necklaces (for really large places like NYC and LA, they’ve made not just city, but also neighborhood designs). Which map holds the most memories for you? Shop the cities on Fab!

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