I subscribe still to a bunch of physical magazines – one of which is the very good Porter. There’s always a few articles in it which I’d love to share, but there’s no way to easily do so. This edition (which I’d still encourage you to try out in its entirety) had a great interview from Isabel Marant, about her rules for dressing for yourself. I liked it so much that I’ve scanned it for you to read. I did some cut and paste to make it all easily fit, which is why this post looks a little bit like the fake ransom notes I used to write in elementary school. My poor Photoshop skills are why you’ll never see me with the 6 foot long legs I so desire!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this article!

Marant 1

Isabel Marant, via The Guardian

Isabel Marant, via The Guardian

Marant 9Marant 3

Marant 5


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