Kylie Jenner with her signature brown smoky eye at the 2016 Met Gala. Photo: Getty ImagesKylie Jenner with her signature brown smoky eye at the 2016 Met Gala. Photo: Getty Images

Kylie Jenner's first eye product is here: the Kyshadow (yes, KYSHADOW) palette, a set of nine powder eye shadows in neutral and brown tones. Jenner, whose Lip Kits have been overwhelmingly successful (and also a tad controversial) first teased the launch on Sunday, posting a cryptic image to Instagram, and telling fans to check out her app and personal website for more information on Monday:

The Kylie Cosmetics Instagram account also posted a tiny peek of the palette (and its slightly creepy packaging—are those supposed to be muddy brown tears?) on Monday afternoon:

But on Jenner's official website,, she offers a close-up glimpse at the goods via video. "I really want to tell people I've been using this every single day," says Jenner, whose signature beauty look (in addition to her often-discussed full lips) typically includes a brown smoky eye. The first palette the company will be launching is The Bronze Palette:

A closeup of the palette, as shown in the video.A closeup of the palette, as shown in the video.

"It was so important for me to release this one first," she says in the video, which also includes a smoky eye tutorial with makeup artist Ariel Tejada. "All of the makeup artists that work with me know that I'm very specific about the colors of brown that go on my eyes," says Jenner in the video. "I really feel like I've perfected it in this palette." She also describes the formula as long-wearing and effortlessly blendable.

Given that Jenner says this one is the "first launch," it's safe to assume that some additional Kyshadow palettes are forthcoming. But for now, we'll be over here, rolling our eyes at the name of it (and, fine, also trying like hell to get our hands on one).

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