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We all love designer bags, that’s why we’re here right? However, did you know you can score one for less? Here are some tips to score major savings on that beloved luxury piece.

Take your time to shop around:
You can save loads—up to 70 percent—if you shop around patiently. The items on Reebonz and Reebonz marketplace are meticulously sourced from all around to give you the best bang for your buck!
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Subscribe to a retailer’s newsletter emails or download their app:
Many retailers offer a welcome discount coupon if you sign up for their newsletter or download their app. Many retailers also offer exclusive discounts when you shop through their app! Be sure to watch out for Reebonz’s Apptastic Weekend events on our app, offering promotions every weekend for our app users only.

Buy pre-owned:
If you’re willing to invest in a pre-loved piece, you can haul yourself an awesome deal when you’re lucky! The tricky thing with buying pre-loved is with authenticity, so make sure you do your homework. Alternatively, shop only at reputable pre-loved consignment stores. Reebonz’s pre-loved items are always carefully scrutinised by our in-house Atelier team, so their authenticity is guaranteed.

Sell pre-owned:
Sometimes, that little bit of extra cash you need for that bag is right in front of your eyes! Sell your pre-loved luxury items to others and put that money towards your next bag purchase! You make someone else happy, you’re going green and you’re getting more money for something new. Try out Reebonz Closets today, where you can easily list your item to be seen by our 3 million members.

Keep your eyes peeled for offline events:
Often, retailers hold clearance sales to free up warehouse space, as well as to thank their customers for their continued loyalty. These offline sales events typically have jaw-dropping discounts that pale in comparison to any online sale.

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