Your Complete Guide to Fall's Biggest Fashion Trends


It's cold enough now to warrant moving one of your legs under covers, so you know what that means: asking yourself what you're going to wear this fall. The perennial answer is "anything," but if you want to align yourself with the season's standout trends, say no more—just keep clicking.

This ain't the oversize lined-denim number your hoodlum friend gives you after your other friend shanks a Soc in self-defense. (Yes, that was an Outsiders reference.) This is the culmination of seasons of buildup of shearling mania, and it's bigger, fluffier, and more creative—the wind flaps on this Lacoste look!—than ever. 
Kate Spade
Just like all of us at 8 p.m. on a Sunday. The jeans you'll soon start wearing (these are Tome) fulfill any number of the following criteria: are so full-legged they near JNCO territory; have racing stripes; are more distressed than Ryan Lochte would be at this moment if he cared. 
Rag & Bone
Told you they were coming. Now they're firmly *here,* and they're shorter and more streamlined than ever. Think more chic '60s boarding-school student than stewardess. 
Kate Spade
Michael Kors

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