Something you might not know about Chanel 2.55 handbag

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Handbags like a private little world to women,they are always hiding their little secret of romantic and tenderness in it,they put their pursuit of collection in it,handbangs look like a another themselves.Such as Chanel,which is put on the list “must-have of life” of each girl,every girl is dreaming of having a Chanel handbag, and that makes Chanel handbags outlet growing quickly.

Chanel 2.55 bags are the series which is considered as the most classic handbag and Chanel 2.55 handbags are driving women of the whole world into crazy,it is said that Chanel 2.55 handbag are the No.1 of best seller.Whether it is true or not,Chanel 2.55 handbag tells us that how popular it is.As a fashion icon,maybe you can say that you are familiar with Chanel in a pride,but there are something you might not know about Chanel handbag,let’ s know more about Coco Chanel and the handbag under her name.
Thanks to Coco Chanel,today we can have Chanel 2.55 handbag in our life.In February,1955,Coco Chanel released a series of a metal chain with a square double clamshell package,and that was the famous so-called Chanel 2.55 handbag.Over these years,from all aspects of materials,chain design,clamshell design to locking head design,which are emerging more designs,however the fine work ship of Chanel 2.55 handbag has never changed.No matter the tailoring,fitting,sewing,or the cut,stitching and zippers,every process has been designed carefully.All handbags are produced in the factory which are closed to Paris a few miles,each process requires six workers spending 10 hours,and a handbag is needed 180 processes to finish. Purhaps the strict of work is the reason why Chanel handbag costs such a good price.

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Chanel 2.55 bags make your life more colorful

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For modern ladies, the role of the bag is not just to hold things, it also can demonstrate their inner charm. And in some important occasions, a luxury and elegant handbag can improve your taste and ability in the hearts of others, however a common bag is just the opposite. So, which kind of bag is the best one? Most people think that the fake Chanel handbag is the best choice. They also have a high quality and same design style,which will also make you attractive.

We can see that all of fake Chanel handbags have a different temperament. For example, Chanel 2.55 bags and Chanel Coco bags, most stars and celebrities like them very much. The fashionable and classic Chanel logo in the front of bags is really attractive and shining. Now, let us have deep talking about the classic Chanel 2.55 bags and Chanel Coco bags. Chanel 2.55 bag is the most classical model of cheap Chanel handbags. Someone ever said that having a Chanel 2.55bag is the same to have the most wonderful masterpiece in the world. The cheap Chanel 2.55 bags were made with pure hand, every practical detail is perfect and attractive. And more, cheap Chanel bags with leather materials have a long keeping time, its surface is durable. And we often hear the news of Chanel increased the price again, especially Chanel 2.55 and Classic Flag this two.

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Chanel 2.55 Classic Mini Bag Review

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The Chanel 2.55 mini is a classic that is timeless yet unique. It's also a bag that I get a lot of questions about due to its size and price. We know that reviews of highly coveted investment bags are of great interest to many of you, so here's a review that covers the features of this wonderful bag.

Size and Storage

Chanel mini bag

The Chanel mini is a petite beauty and measures 7 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall, and 2.5 inches deep. The shoulder drop is 21.5 inches, so this bag can be worn on the shoulder or as a cross-body. It may also be adjusted to have a 15 inch shoulder drop.

Chanel mini bag back pocket

There are two pocket compartments, one on the back of the bag and one on the inside. Additionally, there is a zippered compartment inside.

Chanel mini bag

The bag is relatively small but will take care of basic essentials. Inside my bag, I have a small wallet, 1 chapstick, 1 lipstick and 1 pen. This fits easily with some room to spare. But, it's definitely not a bag for those who carry notepads, hand sanitizer, pain reliever, etc.


Due to its small size, it's not very heavy. It's quite comfortable to wear. The opening is wide, and the clasp is easy to open and close quickly. There's not really anything to complain about here.


The quality of the Chanel classic mini is undeniable. The structure is very strong, the quality of the materials is superb, and the craftmanship is top notch. Put this next to almost any other bag, and it will stand out.


My bag is almost as old as me, but doesn't look like a 25 year old bag! With use, both the caviar and lambskin leather increase in shine and lustre. The most major wear shown are flattened quilts and the gold plating has worn off on some of the hardware. But, it's still very beautiful.

Beauty and Versatility

Lauren Conrad wearing Chanel mini classic bag

This bag can be worn with casual or going out outfits. The black mini is particularly versatile. See how Lauren Conrad manages to wear this bag from daytime to night-time? BTW, she's a huge Chanel lover as well!

Lauren Conrad of the hills wearing Chanel mini classic bag

The Chanel mini is unconventional in size, but possesses all the most iconic 2.55 features: super structured shape, quilting, back pocket, interwoven leather chain.

And... speaking of mini, take a look at this super duper cute picture we came across:

tiny diy mini dollhouse Chanel handbag

Absolutely adorable and totally fun, right?

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Amanda Bynes: 3 Super Cute Outfits with the Jumbo 2.55 Chanel

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Sometimes, I get totally inspired by celebrity style! Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, and Cheryl Cole are a few favorites. Today, I wanted to share 3 super-easy but super-cute outfits that Amanda Bynes wore with her gorgeous classic jumbo 2.55 classic Chanel bag.

I really liked these outfits. Aside from the Chanel, all of the clothing articles are readily-available essentials... like a white tank top, leggings, and stuff that you probably have in your closet. Still, the outfits are super flattering!

Let me give you an example -- along with some links for where to purchase... You know how your significant other always tells you that jeans and a t shirt is so sexy? Well, there’s definitely some truth to classic pieces with great fit: Leggings, white tank, ankle boots with buckles, long necklace, sunglasses, and a menswear-inspired watch.

cute simple classic style leggings white tank

Next up... a Herve Leger skirt , white tank , YSL Tribtoo or other black pump, a menswear-inspired watch, bangles, and a feather necklace.

Herve Leger skirt Tribtoo YSL Chanel

Finally... a boyfriend blazer (here), YSL Tribtoo or other black pump, white blouse, black mini skirt

sexy but serious outfit

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it will inspire you to have fun playing with your basics! Sometimes great-fitting basics create the best outfits… particularly when accompanied by a gorgeous Chanel! LoL…

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Chanel 2.55 Double Flap: Caviar vs Lambskin

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The Chanel 2.55 purse commonly comes in two types of leathers: caviar and lambskin. The retail cost for either is about the same. Here we’ll go over the differences between black lambskin vs. black caviar leather: how they age, maintenance, and look. We’ve taken two iconic Chanel bags and put them side to side.

chanel bags

The lambskin on the left is from 1995. The caviar on the right is from 2004.

In general, the caviar leather is much more sturdy than its lambskin counterpart. Although a few years ago, lambskin was more expensive than caviar due to its very smooth and soft finish. Which look do we prefer? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer!

The lambskin rates higher for being very luxurious looking. The gleam from the black lambskin is quite dramatic and striking. But, trust us when we say either purses are dangerously beautiful!

For a day to day purse, the caviar rates higher due to its amazing ability to withstand abuse. Black lambskin is not fragile and is relatively easy to maintain due to its dark color.

gorgeous bags

To store a 2.55 Chanel, one must keep some tissue paper or other soft clean material in the body of the purse and set it on its bottom in a dry place out of the sunlight. For lambskin, the chain should not rest too heavily on the bag, and a soft sheet of fabric should be placed between the flaps. All materials used for storage should not have color rub off.

The caviar bag’s leather does not need to be conditioned. Contrary to popular belief, lambskin does not require conditioning either. This information was given to us by a Chanel specialist at the Chanel boutique! The shiny patina that you see on many older Chanel, both lambskin and caviar, is actually produced by wearing the bag over time!

Chanel 2.55 purse

These bags age magnificently. The striking lambskin is 17 years old! With age, the puffy quilting on lambskin will most likely flatten somewhat, and some wrinkling may show when the bag is not filled. Although, the lambskin is more prone to scratches and scuffs, you can see that none of it is very significant given moderate care.

Caviar will maintain its puffy quilting throughout time if stored correctly. It’s also harder to scratch and scuff. This makes it more ideal for an everyday purse.

Chanel bags classic double flap

If needed, either bag may be sent to a Chanel store for a full restoration for less than $300. Please keep in mind, neither bags in the photos have had to be repaired. This speaks to the impeccable quality of Chanel!

soft lambskin

The Chanel 2.55′s interior is just as well made as the outside. This means superb strong structure on either bag.

chanel 2.55 caviar black gold hardware

Hope you loved this post and all the Chanel eye candy!

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Hermes VS Chanel

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Chanel or Hermes, I simply love bags. I simply can’t choose between them, if I could, I would get both of them. But for a bag addicted like me, I am very picky about hand bags.

Chanel’s bag were never that expensive as they are today. How much again? $4,500 PLUS for a classic flap bag? Two years ago they were half in price, if I knew this would happen, I had bought several more.

It is like Chanel is trying to upgrade their brand image and compete on the higher level with exclusive brands like Hermes and others. What is Hermes bag cost? Around $10,000?

Here is a tricky question; Image Chanel flap bag cost $10,000 and the Hermes Birking bag is also priced $10,000. Which bag would you prefer? Chanel or Hermes?
at our site replica hermes bags only $257,replica chanel bags only $187
You do not get these prices just like that, their quality should be questioned. When I went to the Chanel (the secret of Chanel 2.55) (the secret of Chanel 2.55) exhibition, they show how their bags are made. And apparently, most of the production time is being handmade or set-up together manually by an experienced handcraft. Chanel has also specialized machine that nowhere can be bought, because THEY MADE hard time copying them.

Hermes bag should not be any difference. I never went to their exhibition, but I am not surprised the process is about the same, which is hand-made.

On my handbag forum, several Chanel customers have been complaining about the quality of Chanel. One of them are the quality of the leather, some say that they look cheap, dull and non shiny. Others were complaining about the twist-lock back plate, that they are not equal.

When spending that much of money, the quality is important.

Mostly, we buy hand bags because of the feeling. Convince me, how would you feel differently when wearing Chanel comparing with your other $50,- hand bags? If you do not feel anything, then you probably are not a handbag lover.

How does Chanel hand bags make you feel and how Hermes hand bags made you feel are both very important factors. Hermes have been around for a longer time with higher prices and Chanel have just been rising.

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