Chloe Bronte Shoulder Bag in Python Leather

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Meet your new boyfriend – he loves to wear red python jacket and often carries a silver chain around his neck. Whenever you feel like going to a movie today (really a girly movie), you can count on him, no complains or whatsoever, just sling it around your shoulder and you’re good to go. And your friends will give you more positive comments that you can handle: ‘nice bag, I like it too!’.

First introduced in the Resort 2014 Collection, the Chloe Bronte Shoulder Bag is redesigned with an exotic skin and beautified with silver hardware for the Spring Summer 2014 collection, it’s more luxurious than ever; even more charisma and attraction.

Red is a color that makes your heart beat faster, it’s also notable and in combination with python leather, people will unconsciously look at you. On work, off work or just sipping your Frappucino at Starbucks, this can be done with a baby-blue dress and the Chloe Bronte Shoulder Bag. It’s your newest boyish addiction.

The medium size is around 25 x 20 x 10 cm, we are not sure about the prices, visit your local Chloe for more information. (normal leather is priced at £1,680 GBP)



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