Michael Kors Daffodil Mirana Drawstring Bucket Bag

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Michael Kors Yellow Mirana Drawstring

There is absolutely nothing mellow about this yellow! Michael Kors once again comes out with a swoonworthy bag, playing off the major spring/summer drawstring bucket bag trend. And there is no exaggeration when I say swoonworthy. This bag is fresh to the shelves over at ShopBop, and there are only two left in the Daffodil! What I love most about the silhouette are the clean lines and classic hardware.

The Mariana is dressed in a vibrant Daffodil yellow leather. Features an easy-access slim patch pocket in front, drawstring top, suede-backed interior with 1 pocket, plus a convenient adjustable cross-body strap.

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Trendy & Classic Valentino Rockstud Bucket Bag

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Valentino Rockstud Bucket Bag

Without a doubt, the Valentino Rockstud is one beautiful bag! It’s classic Rockstud meets bucket bag, which is an interesting (yet delightful) combination. I love the traditional bucket bag shape paired with the not-so-traditional studs on the shoulder strap. Even more intriguing, however, is the way this Valentino Rockstud bucket bag is cinched closed. Most bucket bags have a drawstring closure. But not Valentino! Nope, this bag features a unique buckled strap that pulls the sides together. In fact, this method seems as though it would be more convenient than a drawstring, making this piece even more desirable.

This might sound a little weird, but my preferences in handbags seem to gradually progress. It is almost like a cycle that repeats itself every now and then. And lately, I have been a little partial to bucket bags for some reason. I suppose it makes sense. The classic bucket is an iconic style that will stand the test of time. They are roomy and versatile, making them the perfect wardrobe staple. Plus they are different from your everyday tote or satchel. When it comes to bucket bags though, I tend to think of designers like Alexander Wang, or even Louis Vuitton. That is, until now. What are some of your thoughts? Do you love the new Valentino Rockstud Bucket Bag?

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