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No, I didn’t forget. As promised earlier, here’s an update on the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup collection post I did a couple of weeks ago. And while I only sneaked you a couple of pieces the last time, this time round I promise a fuller line-up, along with its prices in SGD. The full collection launches proper in Singapore on 1 April 2016, which also means you better wait list with your LV SA like stat if you really want anything.

Created specially to commemorate Louis Vuitton’s longest standing partnership with the America’s Cup that has spanned 33 years, this special capsule collection is said to be available in stores till the end of the year, but knowing how things sell these days, especially with this collection being really nice, my only piece of advise is this. If you see something you like, just buy it now instead of regretting on missing out on it later. Really.

So what can you expect for this collection? Besides the Regatta Whale Lock*, theWaterline Key Boat Holder and the PF Slender Damier Cobalt Regatta that you saw in the first post (click here to have another look) which are priced at SGD395, SGD415and SGD800 respectively, let’s tackle (get it, get it, sailing, fishing, nevermind… ) the items in the montage above.

Counter clockwise from top left we’ve got the Pochette Jour GM Damier Cobalt Regatta(SGD1100), the Marine Anchor Cufflinks (SGD765 a pair), the PF Brazza Pochette Damier Cobalt Regatta (SGD1100), the Pochette iPhone Cordon Damier Cobalt Regatta**(SGD810), the Regatta Buoy Key Holder (SGD590), and last but not least, the Waterline Whale Key Holder (SGD410).


Then there are bags, and there are many many bags in this collection, from a Keepall ‘painted’ with the same V in the 3 colours (Blue/Red/White) to a pair of backpacks, a couple of messengers and even a duffle inspired by those sailors of yore used to carry. And then there are these, the Pegase Legere Damier Cobalt Regatta (SGD5500) and theMonogram Macassar Steamer Regatta, one of the few things I really love but sadly won’t be available in Singapore.


Like I mentioned earlier, this collection is really extensive, and here are more SLGs for your kind consideration. From the Organiser De Poche Damier Cobalt Regatta(SGD570) to the Porte Carte Cordon Damier Cobalt Regatta (SGD490), there’s even theZippy Organiser Damier Cobalt Regatta (SGD1540) for those who like their wallets big and erm, organised.


Rounding up the accessories we’ve got the Waterline Knife Key Holder (SGD1600), theRegatta Compass Bag Charm (SGD1200) and the Regatta Illustre Key Holder (SGD350), which pretty much sums up all the pretty, dangly things from this capsule collection. Besides these, you’ll also find RTW from tees to windbreakers and shorts to shoes including sneaker and slides, the selection just goes on and on.

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Remember the classic Icon Waterproof Keepall 2.0 that Louis Vuitton launched in 1930? Well if not, a new styled version of the Keepall travel bag is now out, following the first waterproof version which came in 2007. While the 2007 variant celebrated the America’s Cup competition of the year, and this one seems to be a spin off from the same. To mark the 30-year anniversary of the Louis Vuitton Cup, the new waterproof Keepall is introduced in the signature colours of the event. The 2012 Keepall 55 Bandoulière ensures that all its compartments are put together with a high frequency welding process.

Made using black Monogram canvas and black metallic pieces, you won’t find any are no stitches or leather on the bag. These will be available in 2012 in the Louis Vuitton Cup signature colors.

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