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Here’s a bag that have been shown only once or twice by CHANEL, his name: Boy Chanel Chateau, the perfect boyfriend IMO (in my opinion). He doesn’t need to take me out for a diner or hold my hands during the cinema, as long as he is mine for always, forever and until the end.

Isn’t French an F-word amazing language? Chateau means castle, perhaps the identity of this BOY bag has something to do with fairy tales. Princes, crowns, unicorns, witches, talking trees, princesses, shoes (OEPS) and castles.

The Boy Chanel Chateau were from the Cruise 2013 collection, but we’ve been told by a few members that they are still around. If you are lucky enough to spot these, switch to the hit-and-pay mode. The designs were embellished with antique gold and colored in royal blue, black and red. Crafted from precious lambskin leather for the best luxurious feel.

We are not sure about its current price, but they were retailed for $5,100 USD last year, the medium size is measured at 5.7 x 0 x 2.3 inches. The small size was priced at $4,400 USD, measured 6 x 10 x 3 inches. And finally the large size was $5,700 USD and the size was 6.4 x 12 x 2.5 inches.


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