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When the shoe meets red, it will likely turn into a Christian Louboutin heel. Introducing the Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2015 Bag Collection.

A series of shoes are going to be released that are sporty and dynamic. Like the glamorous waved high heel in fuchsia. Attention to details, stitched with love, it’s made not only to impress but also to kill.

The Louboutin Spring Summer 2015 Collection will be painted in different colors, in multi-color pumps, with fringes or shoe drawings. And innovative black wedge with extraordinary hallow heel, very distinctive.

So what do you think?








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Christian Louboutin

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“As Ms. handbag diary, even more than reveal their own inner world. Just look at the woman’s handbag will be able to understand them all, the same as movie trailers.”

Christian Louboutin 2016 spring and summer handbags series is a special diary, write down the designer and show the girl’s encounter. This story brought him infinite inspiration, but to lead us into the Christian youth first came to Paris. Cabaret lighting, music and dance that he was deeply fascinated by sexy cabaret girl makes him at first sight. Christian began designing handbags series of spring and summer, the cabaret gorgeous lingering in the brain, so the one in the essence of integration among Paloma.

Christian started from the most basic elements – Cabaret girl legs – a source of strength behind every brilliant performances. Close your eyes and imagine that girls are stepping Chritian Louboutin heels, beauty blooming Curve, and then they gradually turned into bare legs calfskin handles, hidden in bags among smoothly, as if inadvertently glimpse theater curtain Houkabalai girl’s legs, breathtaking. Louboutin savoring cabaret stage curtain – cabaret performer iconic elements. Curtain rises and falls each performances add endless surprises and tension.

Paloma triangular design with side reproduce this scene, Christian Louboutin signature red looming in the “curtain”, and then festooned with leopard calf, sexy and yet there is no lack of interesting and playful. He said: “Paloma reminds me of the dark furnishings and leopard pattern, from bathrobes to the locker room underwear scattered everywhere can see traces of the leopard.” Shiny metal rivets constitute cabaret stage lighting that is gorgeous as the flu, decorative side of the bottom, to promote bold style, Paloma became the crowning touch. As a cabaret girl Muse last bow, Paloma does when placed in direct contact with the ground, stand unique metal feet, like high-heeled shoes in general, stimulate desire and craving.

Paloma is a fashionable bag for the practical structure designed by a professional lady. Both the size and range of rich colors and fabrics to choose from. Louboutin signature red, leopard and black combination, with hazelnut brown, modern ballet Asher and cheerful and pleasant Bambi lines. “Paloma focus on the elements of classic femininity picked up this bag, you do not need to be a Mingkabalai girl, but you must be a woman, and is enjoying an identity as a woman..” – Christian.

Paloma’s story is part of the Christian Louboutin leather series of new changes. 2016 spring and summer series, every design detail and structure handbag has been carefully built, bringing a new line and re-interpretation of the hot styles, including specially developed natural leather, careful selection of metal parts, and shines surprise detail, creating both design and function handbag.

In addition to Paloma, 2016 spring and summer series also introduced several new handbags, including the ever-popular of Sweet Charity, season and put luxurious structure, modern silhouette with a wealth of details, including the hand stitching, bag nameplate, as well as Hand laden progressive metal chain rivet bow. Baby Charity debut handbags medium size ranged from Small Sweet Charity and mini Sweetie Charity, is the perfect choice for a grand occasion and evening parties.

Whimsy Piloutin drawn from fantasy fairy tale, Christian story of the Cinderella and the glass slipper into the design, but the pumpkin becomes the carriage of the plot becomes converted into a pillow bag. Satin design, there are a lucky charm meaningful paint strap, while a soft touch and attractive. Clutch glossy lambskin with gold, limited edition but also to Christian when traveling collection of antique Indian ribbons decorated, each is unique only in the flagship stores.

Another new play design is compact and easy to take Triloubi, both as a messenger bag, shoulder bag can also be used to accompany Paris (Paris or heart) girls meet numerous colorful life. Designed to rivet studded side, it is both practical and stylish choice for city girls. Two sizes to choose from, in addition to the bag body made up of three groups consisting of leather bags, space demand increases, the side from the high-heeled shoes with pleated design.

Lines neat three-dimensional fashion clutch Vanity, ample space bag, with the first series of red paint Passage snap and then button shoulder chain, suitable for the needs of different occasions, day and night. Clutch is available in three color options, whether with any material, sexy Vanity are in luxurious minimalist charm to become the focus.

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Christian Louboutin Academicus Flat & Pik Boat Men’s Flat

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christian_louboutin_academicus-flat-pik-boat-mens-flatI’ll admit it, my love affair with Christian Louboutin has been experiencing lots of ups and downs lately. And while this post is going to sound like one of those ‘have also complain, don’t have also complain’ rants, let me explain further.

Most of you would agree, back in the early days when I first started blogging about Christian Louboutin, it was a time when their shoes were so hard to come by in Singapore. The boutique then was much smaller, and the most covetable of Rollerboy Spikes and Roller-Boat styles were as rare as unicorns, which made the hunt even more interesting.

Nowadays, they’re everywhere in the store, and every time I walk by the relocated unit that’s much bigger, I’m reminded of how hard it was back then to get my first two spiked/studded pairs, one from Matches Fashion, the other from the old boutique. And I’ll curl my lip and tell myself never again since I’ve deemed them to be less special than they used to be.

With that said, however, I’m not denying how much I adore the more interesting ones I’ve come across from the F/W14 collection. The Academicus Flat (made of black Crepe de Chine which is basically silk) is bloody expensive at SGD2500 but I’ve got to admit the embroidery is to die for. And then there’s the Pik Boat Men’s Flat that comes in at a ‘more affordable’ price of SGD1400, in the Prince de Galle print that reminds me of my grandfather’s pyjamas. Sparingly sprinkled with studs, it’s another pair I wouldn’t mind getting.

In other words, no to more, and yes to more interesting. How about you? How’s your relationship with Christian Louboutin getting along?

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Christian Louboutin Fiocco Box Cabo Clutch Bag

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A powerful statement accessory, like a precious jewel box, presenting the Christian Louboutin Fiocco Box Cabo Clutch Bag. It’s fashioned to carry your evening essentials, designed to become the ultimate glamour. Though its petite, but the rectangular body is cloaked in elegant black Cabochons Lucido and it’s as gorgeous as the night.

Made with a natural shiny bow-shaped clasp on the top, it’s sharp and studded all over the body. It opens and closes with a fastens, grasp it with one hand or wear it on your shoulder as it comes with an optional strap. Wear it with a little black dress and a pair of your best pumps and this beauty will put your at the center of attention, no matter where you go.

Crafted in calfskin, available in black. The Christian Louboutin Fiocco Box Cabo Clutch Bag is from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. Measuring 140 x 100 x 60 mm, 



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Christian Louboutin Beaute Hawaii Kawaii Spring 2016 Collection

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There is only one footwear brand in the store that feels really strong necessity to show off its soles so much more frequently than any other part of it. No guesswork is needed here; we are speaking about Christian Louboutin high-heeled luxe shoes that will instantly turn on their red light once you cross your legs and swing them demonstratively. But there are not only those iconic red-soled shoes riding high the luxe category brand, but also their newly started beauty line, including a range of lipsticks and nail polishes with the red light predominating there. As might be expected from the shoe king the beauty products have been designed in a way as to tell all and sundry where the their origins are lying – packages going sharper and sharper, more and more heel-like and more and more Christian Louboutin.

Christian Louboutin Beaute Hawaii Kawaii Spring 2016 Collection

And now when in the thick of winter and the foretaste of spring all the time teasing us frantically, the French company is launching the Christian Louboutin Beaute Hawaii Kawaii spring 2016 nail polishes, inspired by the magnificent Hawaii views, beautiful blue waters and breezy feelings wrapping you instantly. The lineup comes in two versions, each keepsake box housing three miniature nail polishes in shades that Louboutin has brought together as the most frequently applied by women around the world. Currently available, these mini sets are the ultimate guilty pleasures of modern fashionisers!

The first version enclosed in a light floral-printed case will bring into your view nail polishes infused with spring dust that seem to function positively confusing for any nail-addicted girl among us – deep wine red, turquoise blue and vibrant coral pink all the three perking up the mood in a flash. The second version encased in a darker box but again featuring Hawaii-inspired palm trees and fragrant flowers is synched up to its content – the central black-grey shade replenished by other two hot pink and orange red tones to make a stunning trio.

Priced at $90, the bright sets come in limited collection, which calls for your hasty actions at Neiman Marcus right away. But first get a closer look at the collection’s integrals to register the best ever investment in your nail enhancement space:

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Nail Set I ($90.00) (Limited Edition)

• Very Prive – Deep wine red
• Batignolles – Cross between a sky and turquoise blue
• Miss Loubi – Deeply vibrant coral pink

Christian Louboutin Beaute Hawaii Kawaii Spring 2016 Collection

Christian Louboutin Hawaii Kawaii Nail Set II ($90.00) (Limited Edition)

• Bengali – High-impact hot pink
• Khol – Intense, almost-black
• Popi – Sophisticated orange-red

Christian Louboutin Beaute Hawaii Kawaii Spring 2016 Collection

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Gwen Stefani Leaves Rehearsal in Leopard Christian Louboutin Pumps

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Here’s Gwen Stefani, leaving rehearsal for her show at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom (where she performed the next day) in a classic Gwen Stefani ensemble that includes a pair of Christian Louboutin So Kate Leopard Patent Pumps. Shockingly, you can find Gwen’s exact patent leather leopard print So Kates for $695.

Louboutin lovers, take note: there’s currently an eye-popping selection of So Kates available at Barneys, including animal prints, iridescent leathers, and even ombre So Kates like the ones we saw Kate Mara wearing last month, but sizes are limited in select styles, so keep your hemming and hawing to a minimum. Your basic beige and black pumps are available too, of course.

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