Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection


Sophistication and luxury have no limit when we deal with Zuhair Murad designs, and this is so true about the astounding Zuhair Murad spring/summer 2015 collection too! For the new season, the Lebanese designer adds a gypsy vibe to his second to none designs, bringing a vibrant splash of colors and prints that instantly takes one’s breath away. From his signature nude embroidered looks and delicate neutral shades to bold reds, digital prints and 3D floral appliqués, every detail has been used with a great care here to create the ideal balance between the bold and the classy, the edgy and the innocent.

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Sheer materials play the most important role in the Zuhair Murad spring/summer 2015 collection, revealing lots of skin and looking so dramatic and bold, while still preserving the right proportions of classiness. From lavish lace to airy chiffon, every material used looked extremely sensual and lightweight, showing off the leggy legs of the models through intricate embroidery. If it’s not about sheer materials, then we have cropped tops baring the midriff of the models, or shorter lengths and décolleté revealing shapes. Iconic fifties motifs have also been used for a number of crisp white lace looks, or for that laser-cut floral jumpsuit that looked so charming and elegant.

There was a clear subdivision of the looks according to the color shades used. Thus, we were instantly overwhelmed by the passionate red looks, bringing both daywear and eveningwear options, ranging from the elegant tailored shorts suits and lovely lace mini dresses to ball gowns and maxi dresses. Of the most eye-popping hues we should also mention those juicy purples, which were at times matched with timeless blacks for a more understand elegant looks. Next to the pastel yellow and blue tones, we also saw versatile all-black and all-white looks, as well as nudes, which were broken by the abundance of lush floral printed designs.

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

From uber-dazzling asymmetrical skirts and dresses to crop tops matched with unbuttoned tea-length lace skirts with pockets, off-the-shoulder playful printed dresses, tailored pants, jumpsuits and cool corsets, the Zuhair Murad spring/summer 2015 collection has it all for any woman to look dramatically sensual and elegant from day to night. Still, it was the array of Murad-appropriate nude-effect lace gowns that came to satisfy the style needs of the devoted Zuhair Murad fans, letting them show-off their impeccable figures in see-through dresses embellished with iris-shaped paneling quite resembling delicate tattoos.

The Zuhair Murad spring/summer 2015 collection penetrates into one’s dream instantly with its subtle shapes, intense colors and jaw-dropping florals, promising to turn any lady into a real goddess! We just can’t wait to see celebs rocking these designs on various red carpet events!

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

Zuhair Murad Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

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Lovely Herve Leger Dresses

Going to the Herve Leger boutique always reminds me of why I love this brand so much! Unlike department stores, they always have a huge selection of dresses in my size to try on. I think it's impossible to try on 5 Herve Leger dresses in the correct size without falling in love with at least one! Anyway, here are 6 new dresses that I recently had the pleasure of putting on. Hope you enjoy my latest Herve Leger dress reviews as much as I enjoyed admiring them!

Herve Leger is so amazing! As long as the dress is in the correct size or only one size big, it's hard to find a Herve that I don't like! Out of the 6 below, only 1 was a thumbs down. And, any of the other 5 easily trump any other brand of dress in my closet! This is precisely why I refuse to wear anything other than Herve Leger to formal events!

My extremely sweet friend, Helen, invited me on this trip. She tried on a few dresses as well. I so wish I had some pics of her to share with you; she is stunning and looks ABSOLUTELY amazing in Herve Leger! But, I'm always wary of asking other people to be in blog posts, unless they offer pics. :P

white high neck lace bandage dress

The Brookelle dress (sale here) has been seen on so many celebrities, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. The dress is gorgeous! Amazing hold, sexy see-through mesh in the middle, and in a color that does wonders to most complexions. This dress is also true to size.

Herve Leger kym bodycon tight black dress

This next black with white trim short sleeve bandage dress also had great hold. The more casual design of this dress made it especially versatile. Again, this dress is true to size.

long below knee colorblock Herve Leger dress

This long dress (sale here) that falls right under the knees was a pleasant surprise. Below the knee lengths are oftentimes very unflattering. But, somehow the combination of bodycon and longer length worked. Very good hold and runs true to size.

pretty striped pink coral tight sexy Herve Leger dress

The color on this dress is amazing! There are several dresses in the Spring 2014 collection in this color, and I must say that this coral pink color is in the most delightful Spring hue! If you tend to like lipstick with yellow or orange undertones, you might adore this color too. For another dress in this exact color, check here. This dress had superb hold and probably ran half a size small.

one sleeve herve leger dress

Nothing seems to say elegant and modern like a one sleeve or one shoulder dress, especially one in black and white! Find this dress here. Again, great fit and runs true to size. Herve Leger seems to be getting really consistent in sizing!

white flared body con dress a line

This last dress was the only one I did not care for. The hold was very lack-luster, and the proportions were all sorts of wrong on me. The black version of this dress can be purchased here. I'm not sure if it was my short torso or what, but nothing really worked for me in this one. :(

Hope you liked joining me on this HL trip, and hope that you always find these posts helpful and fun!

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The History of Herve Leger

Though Herve Leger is famous in the fashion world, very few know about the brand's history. Herve Leger bandage dresses have only been in production from 1989-1997 and from 2008-present.

"I like to make women look beautiful, who want to please and be noticed."

"Designing clothes is not really a mystery, as long as you keep one important thing in mind - the body."

These are some of my favorite quotes from Herve Peugnet, the creator of Herve Leger bodycon dresses. They explain exactly why so many women love these form-fitting dresses.

Herve Peugnet has an extremely impressive fashion resume. At the early age of 23, fashion god, Karl Lagerfeld recognized his talent and took him under his training. During his career, he has contributed to the designs of Chanel, Lanvin, Fendi, Diane von Furstenburg, Chloe and Swarovski.

At age 28, he begins working for himself, creating the Herve Leger line. 4 years later, bandage dresses were born! They were inspired by his experience in designing bathing suits and some throwaway seam bindings. The first bandage dress was also the finale look of Herve Leger's 1989 runway show. The bandage dress, originally called "bender dress" became an instant sensation. They were called "bender," because they molded the body into the perfect female form.

Let's take a moment and admire the beauty of vintage Herve Leger dresses:

blue purple Herve Leger Leroux

black with mesh bandage dresses

You can find Megan Fox's dress here. Please note that the dress as seen on Megan Fox is HIGHLY counterfeited. Should you see this sold on eBay or other peer to peer marketplaces, you should know that it is almost always fake.

These vintage dresses are completely timeless. Hot then, and still HOT now!

Before Herve Leger was acquired by BCBG, Herve Peugnet designed some very exclusive dresses. These were tagged Herve Leger couture. A mannequin would be created based on the exact measurements of his client. Then, keeping the client's best features in mind, a truly special dress would be meticulously made.

Because Herve Peugnet was not the majority holder of Herve Leger, the company was sold to BCBG is 1998. Shortly thereafter, BCBG halts production on bender dresses and fires Herve Peugnet. Bender dresses, now bandage dresses were relaunched in 2008 under BCBG Max Azria Herve Leger. Many today do not realize that Herve Leger dresses were around much earlier than 2008. Herve Peugnet still designs absolutely beautiful clothing. They are now designed under Herve Leroux, a name that was suggested by his dear friend Karl Lagerfeld. *They are VERY expensive!* For some examples, check out these here, and here.

Thanks for reading! And, a special thank you to mariloupop, who requested this article! We hope that you enjoyed learning a little bit about Herve Leger's history. If there's a topic that you'd love the Lollipuff blog to cover, leave us a comment or shoot us an email. :)

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Caroline in the City in Herve Leger

Caroline is both a blogger and a super sweet Lollipuff buyer and seller. She recently shared her favorite little black dress with us, and it is stunning! Her accessory choices are flawless as well. To see what we mean, check out these beautiful pictures!

These photos were also shared on her site, Caroline in the City.

black Herve Leger mini dress

herve leger accesories

black Herve Leger mini dress

black Herve Leger mini dress shortened

super beautiful black dress slimming

For more perfect black Herve Leger dresses, check out these here, here, and here. She's also wearing Jimmy Choo heels, and a Rebecca Minkoff clutch.

Thank you Caroline for sharing your fabulous pictures with us!

We love getting pictures! Have pictures of yourself in Herve, Louboutins, or Chanel? Email them to us and maybe we'll feature *you* in an upcoming blog post! Or, feel free to do a quick share in the comment section. :)

Take care! We hope that you all enjoyed this share from sweet sweet Caroline. :)

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The Most Slimming Herve Leger Dresses

Herve Leger is the most coveted dress because of how slimming the fabric is and how it creates a super sexy hourglass shape. Have you noticed just how often Herve Leger is worn for weight loss ads and commercials? If slimming is your ultimate goal, look for dresses with these additional features.

Dark Colors

slimming dark colored Herve Leger dresses

Naturally, dark colors are very slimming. Also, dark colors tend to create less shadows, which means slight bulges are disguised.

We've got many dark colored Herve Leger dresses at Lollipuff. Here are a few of them: here, here, here. Here are some that we like elsewhere: here, here, and here.

Individual Banding

individually sewn bands on Herve Leger dresses

Herve Leger banding falls into two categories. Some dresses are faux banded; this means that the bands are not individual strips that are sewn together. Individually banded dresses are more difficult to produce, but they also provide greater hold. If the bust area is individually banded, this means more push up power. If the waist and / or hips have individual banding, it means greater shaping in the area. The dresses above are examples of dresses that are individually banded from top to bottom. Usually individually banded dresses cost more than those that are not.

Fall 2008 Herve Leger dresses have been hugely popular, partly because there were more individually banded dresses from that season than any other. An individually banded Herve Leger is a must have in any woman's closet. The shaping is extraordinary. The thinner the band's are, the more shaping as well.

Many dresses at Lollipuff are 100% individually banded. Here are just a few of them: here, here, and here. For even more options of individually banded Herve Leger, you can check out these: here, here and here.

Slimming Patterns

dresses with slimming details

Herve Leger dresses are renowned for accentuating curves. So, it's no surprise that many HL dresses have strategically placed designs that celebrate curves.

For dresses like these at Lollipuff, check out these: here, here, and here. For others elsewhere, check here, here, andhere.


colorblock bandage dresses

Finally, look for dresses that have color blocking. Dresses with color blocking around the waist can be particularly flattering.

This one at Lollipuff is a perfect example of amazing colorblocking. More options can be found here, and here.

Rubber Coating / Braiding / Runway

herve leger runway pieces

If you can afford it, many runway pieces provide the best fit possible. These usually retail a few thousand dollars.

Many of these dresses are much stiffer than most other Herve Leger dresses or there is beautiful ornate detail covering any flaws.

Please feel free to comment or ask any questions that you might have. :)

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Gorgeous New Herve Leger Dresses!

I love love trying on Herve Leger dresses, the best dresses in the world in my opinion! In my recent trip to the Herve Leger boutique I tried on 6 different dresses. In my opinion, all 6 were pretty fantastic. You be the judge! Which dresses do you love and which ones do you hate?

First up is the very sexy showstopper, Billie. It's a mini length with a revealing neckline. What I really like about this dress is the black vertical band. It's very slimming. Since I've been sitting around for 3 months straight in front of my computer, my body isn't exactly... toned. lol... But, with this fantastic dress, you can't tell. :) The billie dress is currently on sale at Lollipuff.

herve leger mini short low neckline sexy dress

Next up is a gorgeous lilac fit and flare dress. A fit and flare is a dress that I REALLY want in my collection. They're still sexy, but are a unique departure from most Herve Leger dresses. And, since a fit and flare is so different from any of the dresses in my large collection, it's an even better excuse to get it. :D

herve leger flared lilac light purple bandage dress

Out of the 6 dresses that I tried this time, this colorblock was surprisingly my favorite. The reason? It's the HOLD! This thing really shapes your body beautifully. OMG, is this flattering! It's no wonder why this dress has been seen on many celebs.

favorite colorblock herve leger dress

Another beautiful fit and flare. Apologies for the odd angle of this photo. The fit around the waist was much better on this one than the lilac one above.

low waisted tight top flared skirt bandage dress

Just another amazing dress. This metallic dress is the perfect balance of sexy and sophistication. For a similar dress, check here.

silver metallic herve leger dress

Finally, we finish this post with a classic blue dress.

herve leger classic open back sweetheart neckline

Hope you enjoyed seeing some new Herve Leger dresses. :D

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