Dior F/W15 Tribale Earrings

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Those of you who are longstanding fans of Dior’s Tribale earrings will find the earrings above a familiar sight, a selection from most of the different seasons since they were launched back in F/W13. Two years and 8 collections later, these earrings have been as much sought after (remember those wait lists a mile long when they were first launched?) as they have been replicated (some shops even sell designs that Dior doesn’t have), with prices of these pretty baubles rising steadily over the seasons as well.

Priced from SGD560 when they were first launched, prices now start around theSGD700 mark all the way to SGD1200, depending on how elaborate the earrings are, from intricate laser die-cuts to the application of fine crystals.

And whether you have amassed a formidable collection, or are about to buy your first pair, here is but a small selection of new designs from the F/W15 collection that should (or will) made available at Dior boutiques in Singapore soon. From translucent resin pearls in blue, pink and yellow to a pair in gold that comes intricately etched and another in rose gold adorned with pink crystals, you are most definitely spoilt for choice as always when it comes to these darling baubles that have become a fashion staple at the French luxury house.

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Chanel Little Pearl Earrings

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I love to shop earrings, especially when they are well-priced and I can buy more. Some I love more than others, but there is one thing you should know.

Chanel Earrings are fabulous.

It just feels different to own a pair of Chanel earrings, the design, the CC signature and the love. I belief every girl should at least own a pair, just like designer bags.

I went shopping at Chanel Amsterdam the other day, they’ve stocked a lot of Paris Dallas Bag there, everything that we’ve featured on this article: Chanel Paris Dallas Boy Bags and the Chanel Paris Dallas Classic Bags.

But no matter what season, when it comes to earrings, you should be faithful and stick to the classics.

One of the earrings that Chanel is selling right now, which I belief is the prettiest of them all (they didn’t had much stock by the way), are these pair of Little Pearl Earrings. Size is exact right, not too large and too small, the color is a classic and in combination with the design, very notable.

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