Chloe Crush: The Chloe Faye Bag

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Chloe has picked up a lot of momentum in the bag world as of late. The Chloe Drew bag was possibly the “it” bag of the year of 2015, and we’re only expecting more greatness from here.

Explore our latest Chloe Crush: The Chloe Faye Bag in the full reference guide below…



History and Specs

The Chloe Faye bag first popped on the scene in the Spring/Summer 2015 collection. Since then, we’ve been seeing a lot more of the bag on celebs, bloggers, and cult followers. The most notable characteristic about the Faye bag is its sleekness. From afar, the bag looks almost completely flat with razor thin edges. PurseBop can’t help but wonder how well the bag maintains its shape after being packed (or overpacked).

The flap bag features a magnetic snap closure, but the chain and ring on the front aesthetically pull the whole bag together. The detachable leather strap allows for great versatility, and the bag can be carried as a shoulder bag, crossbody bag, or a clutch.

The Faye bag comes in two sizes: small and medium. The small has a more rectangular shape,and the medium is slightly more angular and trapezoidal. Each size features interior compartments with a zip pocket in the medium version. The most popular style for the Faye is the suede/calfskin combination. However, the Faye Bag comes in many different colors and textures such as python, patent, and a material that resembles crocodile. In suede and leather, the medium Faye retails for $1950 and the small Faye retails for $1,390 via Barneys.

Chloe Faye Prices

*prices listed in the calfskin/suede combination

Chloe Faye Bag Price in USD
Chloe Faye Small $1,390
Chloe Faye Medium $1,950

More Styles


Celebrity Sightings

Chrissy Teigen


Rosie Huntington Whiteley


Eva Longoria


Chiara Ferragni


Instagram Eye Candy

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Are you feeling Chloe’s chic and sleek vibe?

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Spotlight: Chloé Faye Bag

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Chloe Faye Medium Flap Shoulder Bag

Just about a year ago, I felt that Chloé was struggling with its handbags. But over the past year the brand released two new bags that have been seen on many of the most fashionable ladies. First was the Chloé Drew, a structured and ladylike bag that has been carried by many. The latest addition is the Chloé Faye Bag, a bag that we deemed to be the greatest bag of the Spring 2015 collection.

So why is this bag getting it right? It’s a little bit of everything really. When designing a bag, the end result should be that the product is easily identifiable. This is precisely what Chloé has created with the Faye: the Faye has a very luxe-bohemian vibe that has become easily recognizable as a Chloé bag.

I love a bag that hugs close to the body and is flat while remaining spacious. I’ve tried the Faye on and it accomplishes just that; easy to wear, easy to match to, and an overall casual yet high-end feel.

Chloé is making the Faye a big push, so expect to see many renditions of it soon. My vote goes to this silk smooth grey version. Are you feeling the Faye as much as I am? Price is $1,950 via Neiman Marcus.

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As you might have noticed, it’s all about Faye when we’re talking about Chloe. That’s because this bag is very promising.

Just like the Chloe Drew Shoulder Bag – I love the distinctive style and the implemented elements, the idea and inspiration.

The Chloe Faye Bag has its own personality, it’s different than other handbags. It got its own character, like the trapezoid shape, the large silver-toned loop on the front, the chain detailing that’s linked to the loop and the sides of the bag.

And the way how you carry it – as a clutch or on your shoulder.

But anyways, the Chloe Faye Shoulder Bags have been released in store. They are available in different leathers, but mainly mixed with calf leather and suede. It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder bag. The interior is made with two compartments and a zipped pocket.

The Chloe Faye Bag has a timeless and elegant look – perfect for casual and work. It’s measured 10’ x 12.5’ x 1’ (H x W x D) inches and they’re priced around $1990 USD via Mytheresa.




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