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Prada is known for its fine saffiano leather, their latest release; the double bag, has shaken the fashion industry. It’s was like the bag has invisible hook, we were couldn’t take our eyes of. The only issue we had is to think which color is the finest. And that wasn’t even a small problem. So-many colours? It has a big problem!

Prada has just released a new bag collection again for Spring, the Prada Face Art bags. Girls-from the 40’s painting prints are going to set the new trend. Wear it to assist your casual look, enhance your feminine taste and most importantly; be different.

The Face Art Bags are going to be embossed with saffiano leather with steel hardware on the top and on the edges of the handles. It has three inside pockets and crafted with a snap-lock clasp. The totes are measured 28 x 19 x 14 cm (L x H x W). Priced at $3,95 USD/€2.800 EUR

The hobos/flap bags are designed with a single lady handle. It’s also made in steel hardware and opens it with a snap-lock clasp. Made with two inside pockets, the size is measured: 20 x 16 x 11 cm (L x H x W). Priced at $2,800 USD/€2.000 EUR

When to wear the Prada Face Art Bag? We find it cute to wear during a high-tea gather with friends or family. The Face Art has that grown-up attitude.

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