Balenciaga Elegant Frame Totes

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Very Alexander Wang Style’

‘They are not motorcycle bags, but damn gorgeous’

‘Way too large for fabulous diner and too stiff for the weekdays’

They are different opinions about the newest Balenciaga Frame totes that Alexander Wang has released recently. BALENCIAGA fans fear that one day they will discontinue the Motorcycle bag line, but that’s impossible. You can’t erase a tradition that made a brand famous.

Alexander Wang as the creative director contributed a lot to Balenciaga, new taste of bags have been introduced like the big launch of the Le Dix Collection. He wants more choices for the public and fans and that’s okay for me. The NEW Balenciaga frame totes are embellished with vintage frames, covered with leather, it’s something that a lot of designer brands have experimented like Mulberry and their new Suffolk bag.

The Balenciaga frame totes are crafted in different leathers including exotic crocodile. They are available in black, white and beige. Prices will be posted later on. Keep following us, like our Facebook page!

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