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chanel_fw14-grocery-bagIf you’ve already bought Chanel’s F/W14 grocery basket that comes interlaced with calfskin, here’s something else to help you complete your set. Presenting the Chanel Grocery Bag, which measures a whopping 42 cm across by 57 cm. Made mainly out of vinyl, this is the real deal as far as grocery trolleys are concerned, one that you could actually lug to the wet market or your nearest supermarket to stock up on all the week’s groceries, from fresh fish to canned goods. You could even have a fresh loaf (or loaves) of baguette sticking out from the bag just because they are both French and would surely look even better together.

Now excuse me while I go gather up enough loose change from all of my Mum’s weekly wet market shopping trips and see if there’s enough to make up theSGD14,790 to bring this baby home. Insanity? No, as far as Chanel is concerned, we are way past that already.

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