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We have a huge list of articles that we want to write about, but… first things first. Let’s talk about the Hermes Kelly Cut Bag.

People say that the Hermes Birkin Bag is hard-to-find? Well, try to ask for a Hermes Kelly Cut Bag at your local Hermes boutique next time. Chances are…they don’t have one in stock. It’s because the Hermes Kelly Cut Bag is ‘really REALLY’ limited.

A few weeks ago, our friend James got a call from a Hermes SA, and here’s her story:

‘I was able to get offered a special bag. I have been waiting for this for a few years. However, this bag got very limited, especially in Canada due to store manager’s decision. I was lucky when my SA offered it to me. It’s the first time seeing this bag in the store too’.

Awesome, but James can you share the price please?

‘The bag is $5400 CAD with tax’.

James, thank you so much. Now let’s dig into the beautiful images. And oh yes, James compared the Kelly Cut Bag with her previous Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag, just to give you an indication about the size.

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How Much Are You Willing To Risk For A Beautiful Hermes Replica Kelly Bag?

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Last week we saw a replica Hermes Birkin bag that didn’t have the logo stamp and the hardware engravings. Now it’s time to see if this Hermes replica Kelly bag has all the right details in the right places! Review

An interesting thing about this review is that it shows social media platforms have become quite powerful in the replica bags world. But here’s a tricky question for you: would you buy a replica Hermes bag from a site that doesn’t have a return policy?

Here is my friend’s detailed review:

Hi Eva!

Hope all is well.

I recently purchased a replica Hermes Kelly 40 Epsom and thought I would share it with you!

I have always wanted the Kelly 40, but found that it was an unconventional size since most women find it quite large. I am a huge fan of big bags, so it was never an issue for me. After doing some serious research, I could not find a site that I 100% trusted, as I am EXTREMELY picky and only wanted the best. A friend of mine recommended to me, so I began to look into them. Boy, did I find MANY bad reviews on these guys, many claiming they were scammers. But at the same time, I saw some great reviews, and some of the best replica Hermes bags I had come across.

I decided to take a chance and place an order with them. They communicate and place orders through different social media platforms such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and Wechat. I contacted her and inquired about the bag, and the woman, Lisa, was great. She told me that it would be a custom order, and would be made when I ordered it. After a million question, I went ahead and placed an order for Kelly 40 Epsom Sellier with Palladium HW.

After paying for the bag, she contacted me to let me know that production would begin and it would take roughly 15 days to create. I kept in touch during this time, out of paranoia because I heard of some cases where they completely disappeared about receiving payment. About 2 weeks after, she sent me a few photos of the bag to confirm before shipment, which I thought was nice.

The bag came in the orange Hermes box, a raincoat, and the usual lock and key. All good, nothing out of the ordinary. I was quite surprised at the quality, as it is very well made and with a good feel! The bag has a nice weight, and is constructed quite solid and no funky odors, out of plate stitching, or anything like that!

Attached a few photos for you to see, let me know what YOU think!

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Front View

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Front View

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Hardware Engravings

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Hardware Engravings

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Logo Stamp

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Logo Stamp

I asked my friend to tell me more about the interior and the stitching of her Hermes replica bag. I also expressed my concerns regarding the logo being too stamped into the leather, which makes the bag look puffy around it. I also told her that I really don’t like the fact that this site doesn’t even have a return policy. Here is what she answered:

I was VERY skeptical at first as well, because the site is not impressive, at all. But I heard they do most of their business through WeChat, where they had numerous updates and photos of their product which made it easier for me to trust them and give them a shot. I highly recommend anyone looking into ordering from them get in touch through WeChat or WhatsApp though, they seem most responsive that way, and you are able to ask a lot more questions and get more pictures etc.

The interior is entirely leather, and the stitching is very clean and consistent. They offer both machine-stitched and hand-sewn bags, I opted for the machine-stitch as it was cheaper and I wasn’t 100% confident to invest so much in them for a first order.

I do see what you mean by the logo being a bit too “stamped” in. It is much less obvious and “puffed” in person, I promise!

Attached a couple more pictures.


Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Inside View

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Inside View

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Stitching

Hermes Replica Kelly Bag Stitching

First of all, thanks for your review, we all found out a lot from it! Now I’m convinced, your Hermes replica Kelly bag looks wonderful, congratulations! But the logo still concerns me: maybe it looks better in person, but in the photo you sent me the letters look uneven and irregular.

Even though this bag looks good, I don’t think I could ever trust this knockoff Hermes handbags site, especially since they don’t have a return policy. I would never recommend a replica site that doesn’t have a return policy, the risk is just too high. Still, I hope this review will help you girls make the best choice!

Let me know what you think of this Hermes replica Kelly bag!

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We Finally Get to See Leslie Mann’s Press Tour Bag Choice

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Leslie Mann Hermes Kelly Bag

The stars of the upcoming revenge comedy The Other Woman have been jet-setting all over the world these past two weeks to promote their new flick, but actress Leslie Mann has been consistently “bag-blocked” by the large, luxurious bag choices of Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton, who always seem to be leading the pack. But at long last, we can see her press tour bag of choice – the ever-classy Hermes Kelly Bag, in a lovely shade of cerulean blue. Here’s Leslie arriving solo at LAX, presumably on her way home. (I can imagine she’s pretty grateful for a little alone time at this point.)

Blue was certainly the preferred hue of handbags during this paparazzi-tastic press tour. We saw Leslie’s costar Kate Upton carry a blue Celine Crocodile Luggage Tote in Sydney, Australia, and a blue patterned Fendi 3Jours Shopping Tote in Paris. A few savvy commenters actually spotted a black Hermes Kelly in the background in one of our Sydney pics, so it’s possible the Hermes Kelly is Leslie’s choice for every occasion.

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Naya Rivera Proves the Hermes Kelly Bag Can be Carried Casually

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Naya Rivera Hermes Kelly Bag

Here’s actress Naya Rivera carrying an Hermes Kelly Bag during a recent coffee run in LA. We saw Naya pair this same Kelly with a drastically different outfit during New York Fashion Week back in February. The Kelly is generally considered a more ladylike bag, but the brand’s popularity among the young and rich has resulted in some less traditional styling, like you see here. (Hermes plus Nikes. Discuss.)

It has not been a great couple of months for Naya Rivera – first her engagement to rapper Big Sean went down in flames, and just yesterday it was announced that she won’t be re-joining the rest of the Glee cast for its sixth and final season, perhaps due in part to her behind-the-scenes feuding with co-star Lea Michelle. But as long as you have a good Hermes bag (and a few lucrative endorsement deals on the side), life can’t be all that bad, eh?

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Lady Gaga Carries Vintage Hermes to Her Dad’s Restaurant

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Lady Gaga Hermes Vintage Kelly Bag

Here’s Lady Gaga, arriving at her father’s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, in NYC, carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag that has been…well loved. Gaga has a history of carrying altered, or, depending on your perspective, “defaced,” Hermes bags, so it’s not a stretch to think that she likes the half-destroyed look of this one. You can find pre-owned Hermes Kelly bags in far superior condition for sale on Portero.

We’ve seen Gaga with a similar Hermes Kelly Bag before, so it’s possible that she and this Kelly have simply been through a lot together, and she feels compelled to continue carrying it for purely sentimental reasons. Or maybe a busted Hermes bag is just a key component of her unique vision for this particular fashion ensemble. You can see all of her ladyship’s favorite Hermes bags (and wonderfully bizarre outfits) in “The Many Bags of Lady Gaga.”

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Hermes Kelly Pochette

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Somehow whenever I look at the Hermes collection bag, I fall back to the Kelly’s. Maybe because it’s Hermes most famous bag. I can’t resist their design. This might be the reason why they have introduced the clutch version of it. The Hermes Kelly Pochette is actually the sister version of the famous Kelly edition. Kelly in clutch version, pretty gorgeous don’t you think?

Don’t think it is just a bag. Some Hermes Kelly Pochette is not easy to find, making it limited even when you can afford the whole collection. This bag is available in different skins and material. The price is really dependent on that. Everything what you expect in a Kelly bag, the Pochette has it. Only difference is that it’s a bit smaller, sized 8.5’’ x 5.5’’ x 7.5’’.

The bag is just roomy enough for all your needed items, like a iPhone, creditcards, keys and your wallets (just give a quick indication). I adore petite bags, and loving the Kelly Pochette is not an accident.

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