Lovely Herve Leger Dresses

Going to the Herve Leger boutique always reminds me of why I love this brand so much! Unlike department stores, they always have a huge selection of dresses in my size to try on. I think it's impossible to try on 5 Herve Leger dresses in the correct size without falling in love with at least one! Anyway, here are 6 new dresses that I recently had the pleasure of putting on. Hope you enjoy my latest Herve Leger dress reviews as much as I enjoyed admiring them!

Herve Leger is so amazing! As long as the dress is in the correct size or only one size big, it's hard to find a Herve that I don't like! Out of the 6 below, only 1 was a thumbs down. And, any of the other 5 easily trump any other brand of dress in my closet! This is precisely why I refuse to wear anything other than Herve Leger to formal events!

My extremely sweet friend, Helen, invited me on this trip. She tried on a few dresses as well. I so wish I had some pics of her to share with you; she is stunning and looks ABSOLUTELY amazing in Herve Leger! But, I'm always wary of asking other people to be in blog posts, unless they offer pics. :P

white high neck lace bandage dress

The Brookelle dress (sale here) has been seen on so many celebrities, so I had to see what all the fuss was about. The dress is gorgeous! Amazing hold, sexy see-through mesh in the middle, and in a color that does wonders to most complexions. This dress is also true to size.

Herve Leger kym bodycon tight black dress

This next black with white trim short sleeve bandage dress also had great hold. The more casual design of this dress made it especially versatile. Again, this dress is true to size.

long below knee colorblock Herve Leger dress

This long dress (sale here) that falls right under the knees was a pleasant surprise. Below the knee lengths are oftentimes very unflattering. But, somehow the combination of bodycon and longer length worked. Very good hold and runs true to size.

pretty striped pink coral tight sexy Herve Leger dress

The color on this dress is amazing! There are several dresses in the Spring 2014 collection in this color, and I must say that this coral pink color is in the most delightful Spring hue! If you tend to like lipstick with yellow or orange undertones, you might adore this color too. For another dress in this exact color, check here. This dress had superb hold and probably ran half a size small.

one sleeve herve leger dress

Nothing seems to say elegant and modern like a one sleeve or one shoulder dress, especially one in black and white! Find this dress here. Again, great fit and runs true to size. Herve Leger seems to be getting really consistent in sizing!

white flared body con dress a line

This last dress was the only one I did not care for. The hold was very lack-luster, and the proportions were all sorts of wrong on me. The black version of this dress can be purchased here. I'm not sure if it was my short torso or what, but nothing really worked for me in this one. :(

Hope you liked joining me on this HL trip, and hope that you always find these posts helpful and fun!

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Spotlight on the Herve Leger Top

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The Herve Leger top is an extremely under-appreciated wardrobe item. If you can only have one Herve Leger item, definitely make it a dress. But, if more can be had, a great classic top should definitely be considered.

We went to see my in-laws this Thanksgiving in Arizona. It was quite warm for the middle of winter. It's kind of weird seeing a mini skirt post in December. lol...

Herve Leger tight black top Asos leather flare skirt chanel vintage flap bag

Herve Leger tops can be worn with many different bottoms. My favorites include flared mini skirts, a bandage skirt of the same color, and skinny jeans. When worn with a BCBG or Herve Leger skirt of the same color, you get the look of a Herve Leger dress! How great is that?

Herve Leger tight black top Asos leather flare skirt chanel vintage flap bag

wearing Herve Leger top (a different black one here), flared Zara leather skirt (ones that I love here and here), vintage Chanel 2.55 double flap bag

The Herve Leger top is not for the faint of heart. The one on me has particularly great body sculpting capabilities. It's very va-va-voom for cleavage and makes the waist tiny. What more could you want out of a top? When I originally purchased this from the Herve Leger store, I actually got 2! At first, they couldn't locate my size, so I bought the one that was slightly bigger. Later, they located it in the correct size, and I just had to have it! That's how much I loved this top.

black vintage 2.55 double flap classic chanel bag

This outfit had two of my favorite wardrobe pieces. I just had to share a pic of the Chanel bag. It's sooo GORGEOUS!

Thanks for reading! Do you have a Herve Leger top? If so, what's your favorite way of wearing it?

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Trying on Herve Leger at Nordstrom

I wish the Herve Leger boutique were closer to me. There's just nothing quite like the vast options available in Herve Leger stores. But, I did get to try on and review some Herve Leger dresses from Nordstrom recently. Take a look at some of the most recent Herve Leger dresses and what I think of them.

gold crossover Herve Leger Sari dress

I've tried the Sarai in a number of colors. The fit of the foil was no different. This dress ran mostly true to size / maybe half size big. It's simple and unquestionably classic.

black Pamela herve leger top with jeans

I always love a black Herve Leger top. I love how it smooths any flaws and looks effortlessly sexy. This top was worn backwards.

black carmen short sleeve bandage dress

The Carmen dress was surprising. It was absolutely gorgeous on. Even though this dress is mostly faux banded, it had amazing hold! And, the style is effortless sexy. No worry about showing too much cleavage, and a flattering but classy length! The hourglass shape definitely keeps this dress extremely hot! Definitely my favorite on this shopping trip! The size I have on is xxs. This dress runs half a size small.

simple classic dark little bandage dress

Loved this Carmen dress, so there are two pics of it. :)

gold metallic foil tank Herve Leger dress

There is a rumor that metallic dresses have additional hold compared to regular non-foil Herve Leger dresses. I don't find this to be true; the fit is about the same as non-foiled dresses. This gold dress is the Catherine and runs one size big.

sequin a line flared dress

The sequined Rasha dress was covered in gorgeous sequins. I loved the sequins, but found the neckline to be a little too high for my liking. This dress runs one size small.

textured black Herve Leger dress

Finally, the last is a textural Herve Leger. It's a new finish that makes the outside of the dress feel really bumpy. I didn't find anything uniquely flattering about it. The Ebba dress costs $2340 + tax due to this finish!

Hope you enjoyed my Herve Leger shopping trip and found the pictures and reviews helpful!

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Trying on Herve Leger at Neiman Marcus

I recently went to Neiman Marcus to try on some Herve Leger dresses. During this trip, I got to try on some long knee length Herve Leger dresses and the Barbie inspired dresses. Check out my reviews on some of the newest Herve Leger dresses!

If you're new to Herve Leger, make sure that whatever you do, select dresses that are in your size. If you get the size wrong, you won't be able to appreciate what Herve Leger can do for your body!


Herve Leger zola dress worn backwards

I wanted to try on some dresses that I normally wouldn't reach for. The Zola dress was exactly that. It had a crazy animal pattern and was quite long for what I'm used to. It turned out to be quite a nice dress. Its hold wasn't as strong as many other Herve Leger dresses, as there was no banding. But, the signature Herve Leger fabric was nice and thick and extremely forgiving. The print on this dress was what made the dress so flattering, and the short sleeves add a dramatic touch. I also tried this dress on backwards! I think it works! :)


black studded flared Herve Leger knee length dress

Again, this dress didn't have the short hemline that I usually love. I did like the drop waist, and think the Tamar dress would look spectacular on tall ladies. My favorite part of this dress was the neckline. :)


Herve Leger dree dress worn backwards

The Dree dress fit very similarly to the Zola. Wonderful print and thick forgiving fabric to exaggerate a woman's shape, but no banding for super cinching hold.

Denisa - a Barbie dress

Herve Leger black white barbie dress

The Neiman Marcus that I went to didn't seem to have the Herve Leger Barbie, but they did have the dresses that inspired Barbie's dresses. Since BCBG is sending us a Herve Leger Barbie, I had to try on these dresses as well in case I want to match the doll! lol...

I have to say Miss Barbie looks much better in the dress than I do. :P

Judith - a Barbie dress

Herve Leger red barbie dress

I'm not exactly sure why the Judith is considered the equivalent of Barbie's red dress. It just doesn't look like the same dress to me. There is a dress from 2010 that is a much closer match to Barbie's red dress. Anyway, enough of my rambling...

Out of all of the dresses that I tried on, I liked the Judith the least. The trim on it just wasn't flattering on my body. And, the length combined with the design was awkward for me. But, that's not to say that it wouldn't look wonderful on someone else!

For instance, one of our sweet wonderful Lollipuff members took the time to email us a picture of herself in Herve Leger at a recent Las Vegas trip! This is a dress that I've NEVER been able to pull off, but it looks fantastic on her!

cut out a line herve leger dress

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed joining us on a little Herve Leger shopping trip! Be sure to check out my other Herve Leger shopping trips and see the Herve Leger dresses that I normally reach for!

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My Treasure Trove of Herve Leger

Recently, someone asked me to show my personal collection of Herve Leger. As many of you know, I am OBSESSED with Herve Leger and am continuously trying to keep my Herve Leger hoarding under control. Btw, I don't hoard ANYTHING else. HL just happens to be my personal weakness.

Herve Leger clothing is simply amazing! It never fails to make women feel like a million bucks. And though they're all in the bandage style, each one is quite different from the next.

red herve leger dresses abstract black white jacquard

I LOVE red Herve Leger; they're perfect for turning heads.

black bandage top black white trim dress scoop essential

Love having a Herve Leger top in my collection! I have definitely had more chances to wear this than any of my other Herve Leger clothing.

The pink version of my black and white trim Herve Leger is on sale at Lollipuff right now!

And, there's absolutely nothing more essential than a black Herve Leger scoop essential! The scoop essentials can be dressed up and down for many events. This dress in blue is on sale at Lollipuff right now.

deep v neck Herve leger dress ruffled skirt and ombre dress

If you're interested in the Ari dress (one of the sexiest dresses in the collection), check here.

The purple ombre dress from 2008 is also on sale at Lollipuff right now.

And, if you're looking for my ruffled mini skirt, check here.

pink front zip brown turtleneck bandage dress

My collection has a little bit of everything. This front zip turtleneck is to die for; it's incredibly sexy in its own way.

herve leger a line dress

If you're interested in my red flared dress, it's still available in stores. The Faith dress can be found here and here in black. For a similar dress with the same fit, you can also check out this navy one.

trim cream dress green blue one shoulder colorblock

Adore the Niyaz (cream with orange and gold trim) dress; it fits amazing and is available on sale. And, the red version of my gray and teal dress was our last $2 Tuesday item!

This sounds strange, but I am quite proud of myself; I only have 18 Herve Leger currently. And, there are so many beautiful Herve Leger dresses to be had! This number is always fluctuating depending on needs and wants. Want always trumping need. ;) And, every once in a while, I might change out a dress for another. But, because these dresses fit so well, it's very difficult for me to let them go...

Hope you enjoyed the Herve Leger eye candy! What does your Herve Leger collection look like? We'd love to see it! :) And, what Herve Leger item are you hoping to add?

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Herve Leger Shopping Guide: Fabric Variations

Herve Leger is well known for its figure flattering fit. Though most Herve Leger fabric is a blend of rayon, nylon and spandex, these body-con dresses can vary greatly in firmness and thickness. This guide will go over some of the more common Herve Leger fabric types, including vintage pieces. :)

Dresses that retail under $1100

Amanda Bynes in bandage dress

Generally, dresses that retail under $1100 will usually stretch more. The pink dress worn by Amanda Bynes is the v-essential, and originally retailed for $975. The fabric of these dresses is still very thick and heavy when comparing to other brands. These dresses may lack features (diagonal banding, trim detailing, front zip, etc) that make the dress more firm, or it may be slightly thinner than more expensive Herve Leger dresses.

Dresses that are individually banded

green front zip herve leger dress

These dresses require more time and skill to make. Each band is painstakingly sewn to each other to create a dress. The smaller the bands, the firmer the hold of the dress! Because separate bands already create a very firm hold, the fabric is usually slightly thinner.

Dresses that are faux banded and retail over $1100

woman in red bodycon dress

These dresses will also usually have superb shaping! Its firm hold comes from being a little extra thick or having unique slimming features such as additional trim, sophisticated line placement, etc. The placement of bands and trim can make a dress's hold much more firm.

Dresses that are vintage (non-couture)

white vintage Herve Leger

Vintage Herve Leger that are not in the couture line are the thinnest of all of the Herve Leger dresses. They are also the stretchiest out of all of the dresses.

Dresses that are vintage couture

vintage Herve Leger couture dress

wearing vintage Herve Leger couture dress, small navy classic double flap Chanel, Ann Taylor sandals

Finally, Herve Leger couture is usually individually banded fabric that has a super firm hold. These dresses usually do not stretch as much and run very small too! These dresses were custom made for clients. When purchasing, pay special attention to the measurements.

***Please note that there are always exceptions. Some dresses that retail under $1100 will have a very firm hold like the Herve Leger Carmen dress, and some dresses that cost $1600 will be thinner. But, for most dresses, the above statements are true.

We hope that you found this Herve Leger fabric guide helpful! If you enjoyed it, take a look at our most slimming Herve Leger dresses article. Thanks always for reading!

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