Loewe x Paula’s Summer Capsule Collection

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There’s never a dull day at Loewe, which has been releasing the most eclectic of collections season after season. And with the summer season being a huge deal with the Spanish luxury house, there’s always been a special collaboration collection. This year’s focussed on Paula’s Ibiza, which Jonathan Anderson has likened to being ‘the Liberty for Ibiza’.

Located in Ibiza’s old town, the cult shop was always about its covetable bohemian dresses and blouses, surrounded by a landscape of flowers and prints inspired by Mother Nature. Over time it became the natural meeting place of everyone who’s anyone in the art scene, with hippies, intellectuals and locals joining in for the experience. In this collaboration, Loewe has extended the spirit of Paula’s into a special line-up of RTW, bags and accessories that would be perfect for anyone who loves all things summery.

And while the RTW is definitely lust-worthy, let us focus on the bags (of which there are plenty) with each one even more desirable than the last. First up, there’s the T Shopper (shown above, SGD3290), a denim tote bag complete with the most colourful of patchwork, and measures some 46.5 cm across by 31.5 cm. Next to that we’ve got the Flamenco Flap (also known as Loewe’s take on the small city messenger) that is priced at SGD3290.

Rounding up the trio above is the much-loved Puzzle (SGD4250) in full leather that’s decorated with various prints from Paula’s Ibiza.


Love the Flamenco Knot? Well, you’re in luck because that gem of a bag is also included in the capsule collection. Another patchwork beauty (far right), the calfskin and denim is priced at SGD3490 and is quite honestly, the perfect city day bag. For those looking for something smaller but no less functional, there are the T Pouch bags, one in denim/calfskin (SGD1850) and another in printed leather (SGD1150), both of which are fun, playful and perfect for the season.

Last but not least (and if you’re looking for a wallet), there’s the Puzzle Zip Around (SGD1150) that will hold all your essentials whilst looking chic all at once.

Intrigued? Well the good news is you’ll have to wait no longer than the first week of May (yes, it’s this week) when this collection will be launched exclusively at Casa Loewe Paragon in Singapore. 

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At BragMyBag, we don’t only cater to basic, refined tastes…we also love channeling our inner ‘kawaii’ once in a while. And today, we have something that’s gonna do just that – from the brand’s Animales line, we give you the Loewe Panda Coin Purse, another fun piece that’s sure to rake in some “awwwwe’s” and “oooohh’s” when you carry it. For something designer, this coin purse is just too cute to resist! Gone are the days when luxury brands used to be so rigid and restrictive, because cute designs now have a place in high fashion!

The Panda Coin Purse comes in a multitude of colors to choose from, so depending on your mood and preference, you could choose something that would suit your style. All pieces come in calf leather, so you’re assured that it will last you some good years of use. It comes with a palladium zipper, which provides a beautiful contrast and keeps all of your money secure.

Measuring 10.5cm x 9.5cm x 5.7cm, you can get your very own Panda Coin Purse for $380 USD or €295 EUR via Loewe e-store.







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Sometimes, ordinary structured bags can be all boring and lifeless – we’d need something with a kick to the usual design. That’s why we’re bringing you the Loewe Flamenco Knot Leather Shoulder Bag, a simple yet sophisticated piece that’s sure to win you some serious style points. We love how this bag isn’t that over-the-top, yet it still delivers the kind of functionality and design you’d want.

Measuring 11.5” x 11.5” x 4.5” inches (H x W x D), this elegant shoulder bag is downsized to perfection, and is covered in exquisite leather with a subtly embossed logo on the top corner. It has a knot drawstring detailing and hand-painted edges, and even an adjustable strap. If you have to put all of your essentials in one place, make it the Flamenco. You won’t regret it!

Priced at $1950 USD or €1500 EUR, you can get your very own Loewe Flamenco Knot Small Leather Shoulder Bag 

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Loewe Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign

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The best way to spot ‘what’s trending’ is to wait for the latest ad campaign. The Loewe Spring Summer 2014 Ad Campaign is featured again with Penelope Cruz, the pictures were shot in refreshing white and neutral colors for the upcoming season collection. There’s no one better at representing the label Loewe than Penelope, she expressed the beauty inside a Spanish woman.


For the new bag collection, set your eyes on the Amazona bag (of course, but expected!). This classic bag is fully decorated in white and gold hardware, clean and luxurious design for spring and summer. With four golden studs on the bottom and beautified with black lining. Wear it with your fresh-white outfit.

The other bags that Penelope modeled are the Aia, Pillow and cubo bags. All featuring new delight and subtle colors, perfect to deepen your feminine side.

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This Little Loewe Panda Might be the Cutest Coin Purse Ever

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A lot of people have a particular type of animal on which they obsess. For me, it’s bulldogs – I prefer English, but a Frenchie will do in a pinch. I’ll cross the street and chase someone down in order to pet their bulldog, even if there’s oncoming traffic. For our operations director Shannon, it’s pandas. She may not have as many opportunities to pet random pandas on the way to the grocery store, her love for the lovable bears is still strong. She already has a panda case for her iPhone, and I think she should add this Loewe Panda Coin Purse to her collection next.

Adorableness usually isn’t a quality that I seek out in my leather goods and accessories, but when executed correctly, it’s incredibly hard for even me to resist some serious cuteness. Gucci has had a monopoly on animal-themed luxury coin purses (which are maybe even a whole genre unto themselves now) for the recent past, but this Loewe piece is not only seriously cute, but it’s a slightly uncharacteristic bit of humor for a brand that’s generally quite staid and maybe even a bit conservative.

Fashion can always use more humor, more recognition that perhaps not everyone in the industry is as self-serious as we often get the reputation for being, as long as we don’t lose the luxury along the way. This little panda is a perfect example of executing that combination beautifully. Buy through Net-a-Porter for $265.

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