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Some people has the ability to turn anything into gold, myth or truth? I am not sure, but I’d know that Louis Vuitton has the stick to turn anything into iconic. Either it’s because Marc Jacobs is stirring the ship or they are so-good that makes it effortless.

Let me introduce, one of Louis Vuitton’s so-many new releases for this year (I actually loss count), the Louis Vuitton Montana in Monogram Vernis. If you’ve been a fan of the speedy bag, you will feel an unexplainable attraction toward this bag. Try not to get hypnotized or fall in love, December has just started, still a few weeks to go before your paycheck arrives. Perhaps you could give your friends and family a few sharp hints… ‘Louis Vuitton’, ‘Montana’ and ‘Red’, it’s almost Christmas right?

This Montana bowling bag has a lot of bang that you will love; the round structured shape, bright and shiny monogram vernis leather (patent calfskin trimmings), chic and femine, Louis Vuitton signature crafted all over the bag and a double zipper with padlock. Oh, gosh too pretty. Wear it cross body or on your shoulder, feel the lightness when carrying by hand.

The Louis Vuitton Montana Monogram Vernis is sized very similar to the speedy 25 bag. It’s small, but practical, measuring 10.6″ x 7.5″ x 4.3″. I

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