Victoria Beckham Simple Tote In Python

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I like how Victoria Beckham calls a spade a spade, that is, when it comes to her bags. No fancy names, no naming each of her bags, say, after her growing brood, it’s simply, ‘half moon leather shoulder’ (because it’s shaped like a half moon), or even the ‘textured shoulder bag’, because it’s exactly that. And today we have something called the Simple Tote, that’s well, a simply-structured tote good for work or play without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Now on sale via Net-A-Porter for 50% off (yes, that’s the other reason why you’re reading about this), what was GBP1850 is now GBP925, or just over SGD1700 for a full exotic python tote which in my bags (sorry I meant books) is a pretty good deal. Measuring 35 cm across by 30 cm in height, it’s a handsome bag, the insides lined with suede that also comes with an additional zip pocket on one side.

And if you don’t do exotic python, there’s another tote from Victoria (known as theLiberty) that comes in Red and priced at just GBP770 after 30% less, which is also a pretty good deal. Heck, just head over to Net-A-Porter’s full sale selection where there are countless bags and SLGs that are going for a song right now. In other words, head on over and shop before it’s really Goodbye. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

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Cate Blanchett Chooses Python Louboutins for a Red Carpet Contrast

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Cate Blanchett Christian Louboutin Python Pigalle Sandals

Cate Blanchett walked the red carpet at the 2014 BAFTA Tea Party in Beverly Hills last Saturday afternoon in a bright cobalt blue pair of Christian Louboutin Python Pigalle Pumps, which provided a stark contrast to her adorable, vintage-inspired red dress. You can acquire these exact pumps for $151 at our site. Because I know you’re curious, the BAFTA Tea Party is a comparatively casual awards season shindig intended to honor BAFTA nominees well before any awards are handed out.

As you probably know by now, Cate picked up a Golden Globe this weekend for her performance in “Blue Jasmine.” Louboutins, of course, had their own moment during the GGs when Emma Thompson chose to walk onstage barefoot, carrying her Louboutins in hand. She then declared “I just want you to know, this red, it’s my blood,” and tossed them over her shoulder. Emma had a martini glass in the other hand the entire time, natch.

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