Nicky Hilton Wanders New York with an Alexander Wang Bag

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Nicky Hilton carries a grey Alexander Wang bag in NYC (5)

Here’s heiress Nicky Hilton in the Meatpacking District neighborhood of NYC, carrying a slate grey version of what is still one of my favorite designer handbags, so many seasons after its debut: the Alexander Wang Rocco Bag. Nicky flew into town last week to attend the New York City Ballet Fall Gala (not in that outfit, of course). You can snag Nicky’s Rocco for $197 at our site (The color name is “Elephant”. Fitting!)

I’m surprised by how normal Nicky Hilton looks here. A flannel, cut-offs, flip-flops, a BOOK under her arm – the Alexander Wang bag, designer shades, and dueling smartphones just barely give her away. You can browse her most enviable bag collection by checking out “The Many Bags of Nicky Hilton”. FYI: the first meeting of the Nicky Hilton Book Club is next Tuesday. We’ll be discussing A Stray Cat Named Bob, comparing handbags, and drinking copious amounts of wine. At your place.

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