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The Dioraddict Collection has been launched just a few months ago and already it’s determined to get you addicted at all costs. The brand-new Square Flap Bag is a new addition and it’s an extended version of the Dioraddict Lockbox Bag. The Dioraddict Square Flap Bag is more practical, urban-like and gorgeous beyond words. We’re totally in love with it.

The Design

You recognize a Dioraddict by its signature clasp. This clasp is sophisticated and designed with the new stiff DIOR charm in vintage hardware. It’s made with medium-sized and mini-sized studs that run from the front flap to the bottom edges. This bag has a squared shape with soft edges and it comes with a removable long shoulder strap. Sling it on your back while wearing simple blue jeans. Use it as an everyday bag or as a small travel bag to store your important documents like flight tickets or passport.

The Interior


There are three compartments in the interior. The front is the smallest while the central compartment is the largest. You will also find a zip pocket inside; this can keep your important items safe and sound.

The Prices And Sizes

Made in smooth calfskin, measuring 19.5 x 19.5 x 7 cm, the price is unknown yet. We will get you updated once we know more.

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