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Sling it on your shoulder, then hold it from the bottom, you can’t get a more minimalistic shopping tote than this.

As you can see, it’s a Large Bag with plenty room to store your essentials. Use it in your well-deserved weekend, even for work as it can store your documents and laptop. It can even fit your jacket inside.

The Saint Laurent Large Shopping Tote is only available in single color and you would love that because it just makes things easier. The front is printed with the brand’s logo ‘Saint Laurent Paris’ and it features a removable leather encased metal interlocking-YSL signature charm on the side (I know, the name is long but its how they named it).

Crafted from calfskin, a leather that is not only durable but also easier to maintain. And what might even surprise you is that inside the bag…you will find a removable zip pouch that has the same color as the exterior.

The bag opens and closes with a magnetic snap closure and it’s measured 14.4’ x 10.9’ x 5.1’ inches, priced at $950 USD, via YSL boutiques.

There is no need for bragging as the craftsmanship of this bag is impressive enough for the eyes to see.

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Balenciaga Elegant Frame Totes

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Very Alexander Wang Style’

‘They are not motorcycle bags, but damn gorgeous’

‘Way too large for fabulous diner and too stiff for the weekdays’

They are different opinions about the newest Balenciaga Frame totes that Alexander Wang has released recently. BALENCIAGA fans fear that one day they will discontinue the Motorcycle bag line, but that’s impossible. You can’t erase a tradition that made a brand famous.

Alexander Wang as the creative director contributed a lot to Balenciaga, new taste of bags have been introduced like the big launch of the Le Dix Collection. He wants more choices for the public and fans and that’s okay for me. The NEW Balenciaga frame totes are embellished with vintage frames, covered with leather, it’s something that a lot of designer brands have experimented like Mulberry and their new Suffolk bag.

The Balenciaga frame totes are crafted in different leathers including exotic crocodile. They are available in black, white and beige. Prices will be posted later on. Keep following us, like our Facebook page!

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Chanel Denim Totes

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Denim was first invented by André family; they lived in the city Nîmes located in France. Back then Denim was called Serge de Nîmes, a very sophisticated name indeed, but eventually it was shortened to Denim. This type of fabric was first introduced to the United States in the late 18th century and it was (like today) colored in traditional blue with indigo dye. Blue jeans remain timeless like your Classic Flap Bags.

It’s not the first-time that CHANEL has introduced a denim bag. One of their latest releases was the Chanel Deauville tote, which were introduced in beautiful pink, black, white and sky blue shades. Enhanced with interwoven chain links, it was the ultimate casual elegant tote you will ever meet. And in combination with the impeccable craftsmanship, it was to-die-for.

Marry the new Chanel Denim tote with your nice fitting jeans. Put together with brown calfskin leather strap to carry on your shoulder, beautified with dark-blue and white stripes, stamped with CC signature on the center. There’s no better time to carry this tote than in the upcoming summer; have you planned your holiday yet? Or take it as a beach tote to carry your sun cream, towels and other swimming essentials.


Chanel Denim Large Tote
Style code: A92240
Size: 9.8 x 15.7 x 6.7 IN
Price: $2,000 USD


Chanel Denim Extra Large Tote
Style code: A92241
Size: 11 x 19.3 x 8.7 IN
Price: $2,100 USD /€1.490 EUR

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Model Nina Agdal Carries a Tiny Celine Tote to the Beach

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Nina Agdal Celine Nano Luggage Tote

Here’s Nina Agdal, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model and professional bikini-wearer, on the beach in Miami with a charming, two-tone Celine Nano Luggage Tote. Nina’s probably in the area for Miami Swim Fashion Week, which is taking place as we speak. Megs recently gave her own Celine Nano the “Purseonal” treatment, and you can gauge her opinion of this uber-popular mini here.

If you’re wondering what other designer bags celebs are getting a little sandy this summer, feel free to take a look at what all kinds of different celebs carry to the beach. Or if you’re more interested in all things Celine, have a gander at “Celebs and Their Celine Luggage Totes: A Retrospective”, and its very necessary follow-up post, “Celebs and Their Celine Luggage Totes: A Retrospective, Part Two.”

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Many Celebrities carry Celine Luggage Totes bags

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Let’s start with the basics: The black leather Celine Luggage Tote was by far the most popular option in Hollywood, and it’s a perfect choice for a busy mom like Jennifer Garner – neutral, roomy, totally versatile. The frenzy over theCeline Luggage Tote has been at a fever pitch for seasons now, and somehow, it shows no signs of abating.

I believe the image is from London Fashion Week, but I could be wrong. At any rate, it’s two women standing near each other, but not together, with two Celine Luggage Tote that are nearly identical, save for their clearly disparate sizes. It’s like the big one birthed the little one. For those of you who are wondering, the little one is a Mini size. And when we say everyone, we mean it. Everyone from serious actresses to Kardashians to pop stars to models (especially models) has some Celine in their closet, and after careful research, here’s what we’ve learned: celebs like their Celinge Luggage Totes to be all or mostly black, they carry them pretty much 24/7, and the original design generally wins out over the crossbody Celine Nano Luggage and the ginormous Celine Phantom Luggage.

celine luggage

At this point, the Fashion Week onslaught from the industry’s media has turned into a furious din of show reviews and Anna Dello Russo pictures that’s starting to drive me just a wee bit off my rocker. I’ll catch up on Monday, I promise.I’m guessing a large, but these things are difficult to gauge from a single photo. The visual appeal of the bag is so contagious, in fact, that it has jumped from the fashion crowd straight to Hollywood. Not every It Bag translates that well to people outside of the industry, but Celine has found a way to catch lightning in a bottle. One can only look at so many street style photos and catwalk detail shots before one’s brain starts to leak out one’s ear. It’s Friday, and I’m going to pretend like fashion doesn’t exist for the next two days.  

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