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Everyone and their mother was stunned by Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton debut collection. But what truly has our mouths agog is this. The Petite-Malle Bag, which was unveiled along with the garments. Is it a clutch? Is it a case? It is sheer awesomeness! Especially since it can be carried like a clutch or by a removable shoulder strap for a kind of functional elegance.

The petite malles or mini trunks, as they translate to, are a clear homage to the Louis Vuitton trunk tradition. Yet Ghesquière has not only played charming by unleashing them but sparked a fashionrevolution (ask the ladies who’ll be putting up a fight for them). Not Natalia Vodianova though, no. Not when she’s with billionaire boyfriend and son of LVMH chairman. The soon-to-be mother was seen next to beau Antoine Arnault with a ravishing orange on the day of the show.

Available in two enviable avatars, these diminutive babies don a classic monogrammed style or come with removable covers in tow, which is such glamorous genius as the covers reveal hard-case trunks in metallic colors or the brand’s épi leather. Their boxy looks are complimented by signature details like a fold over lid top, clasps and buckles. So, which one would you pick? Save it if you’re going to look up prices, the brand will have to set them first.

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Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2015 Bags Show Nicolas Ghesquiere Coming Into His Own

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Handbags 6

There’s no doubt about it: Nicolas Ghesquiere knows exactly what he’s up to at Louis Vuitton. The designer sent his second major collection for the brand down his Paris runway yesterday morning, and the results felt like a strong continuation on what he’s built so far. On top of that, a lot of the bags were quite good.

If you didn’t like the Twist Bag that Ghesquiere debuted for Resort 2015, your feelings might be less enthusiastic. Although its raised, tubular LV logo still feels clunky to me, everything else about thebag is pretty good. Perhaps more importantly, it doesn’t feel like something Marc Jacobs would have made, and that’s vital for a brand looking for a new direction and new excitement. A particularly interesting series of Twist bags were made of Louis Vuitton Epi leather with significant color variation, which is a first for one of the brand’s most popular materials.

Another first: A red and black monogram print, as well as soft-sided versions of the Petite-Malle bag that was introduced with Ghesquiere’s first collection. Overall, there was plenty to look forward to.

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