50 Gorgeous Gifts For the Handbag Obsessed

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Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious. If she’s a bag-lover, take the hint. Armed with 50 of our editors’ picks, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Something that speaks to the bohemian, the classicist, or the trendsetter — it’s all inside. Just keep reading to find something special for her — or yourself! — right here.

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50 Gorgeous Gifts For the Handbag Obsessed

Categories:Other Brands

Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious. If she's a bag-lover, take the hint. Armed with 50 of our editors' picks, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Something that speaks to the bohemian, the classicist, or the trendsetter — it's all inside. Just keep reading to find something special for her — or yourself! — right here.

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Hide Your Wallet: Just Added a Bunch of New Handbag Brands

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Fashion people are always looking for the next big thing, and that’s even more true when it comes to handbags because they’re such a visible part of a person’s daily ensemble. Popular bags and brands hit critical mass very quickly, and we’ve always got our eyes out for stores that are picking up buzz-worthy brands or established lines that can be a little bit hard to find. With  recent accessories expansion, the UK-based site has done a bit of both. has long been one of our favorite sources for bags, both hugely popular and up-and-coming. In general, European shopping sites are the best places to look for what’s next because they tend to take more chances and embrace more new ideas than American department stores. This fall, has added a bunch of new lines that bag lovers will get excited about, including cult favorites like Mansur Gavriel and Paula Cademartori and newcomers to the handbag game like Christopher Kane and Tyler Alexandra.
The bags from these brands run the gamut from sleek, minimalist day options in leather to vibrant, fun evening bags with all kinds of unexpected adornments. Below, check out a selection that covers fall’s biggest trends. 

Christopher Kane Safety Mini Buckle Bag

Christopher Kane Safety Mini Buckle Bag

Les Petits Joueurs Grace Smile Perspex Clutch

Les Petit Joueurs Grace Smile Perspex Clutch

Mansur Gavriel Large Leather Tote

Mansur Gavriel Large Leather Tote

Mark Cross Laura Leather Crossbody

Mark Cross Laura Leather Crossbody

Paula Cademartori Sylvie Clutch

Paula Cademartori Sylvie Clutch

Sarah’s Bag Box Vroom Embellished Clutch

Sarah's Bag Box Vroom Embellished Clutch

The Row Leather Backpack

The Row Leather Backpack

Tyler Alexandra Jamie Doctor Bag

Tyler Alexandra Jamie Doctor's Bag

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October 10th is the Second Annual National Handbag Day – Join Us and Bloomingdale’s in Celebrating!

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Our absolute favorite holiday is right around the corner: National Handbag Day! Last year was the first-ever National Handbag Day, and this year we have another great week of celebrating planned. Friday, October 10 is the big day, and we know you’ll want to follow along and join us in the fun we have planned.

We’ve teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to bring you the lots of celebration and surprises in praise of our favorite things: handbags. Bloomindale’s worked with us and five of our favorite designers to create bags to celebrate National Handbag Day, which you can only get through the Bloomingdale’s National Handbag Day online pop-up shop.

Last year we realized that our favorite accessory didn’t have its own holiday, and we had to change that. It seems like you guys agreed with us; over 3,600 of you shared images on Instagram, in addition to thousands of tweets, and I’m sure plenty of new handbag acquisitions were made as well. You can also follow along with the festivities on the Bloomingdale’s Twitter and Instagram pages.

We want to hear and see from you again this year. Be sure to follow @PurseBlog and Instagram your favorite bag images with the hashtag #NationalHandbagDay. (Tag as at @PurseBlog as well to be sure we see it!) We will be regramming our favorite images and showcasing some on PurseBlog throughout the week.

Also, don’t forget to tweet us as well! Tomorrow, we will be holding our first-ever #PurseChat on Twitter, and we would love to have you join us!

This is going to be a fun week, filled with exclusive bags and more from Bloomingdale’s, great handbag features, and even a giveaway sprinkled in there. Stay tuned and follow along with #NationalHandbagDay!

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I have an uncontrollable obsession for Celine, to more specific – for the Luggage tote.

For the Phantom Tote.

And for the Trapeze Bag (and the mini).

But there are times that I see a bag and start to ask: ‘What is that?’. And there’s nothing wrong with the design – it’s creative, it’s unique and impressive, I just wonder, how many times would you wear the Celine Triangle Heel in your casual days on the street?

Maybe it’s just made for the special occasions, when you need to kick your competition from the spotlights.

Anyways, apart from all the Celine Fall 2014 Bag Collection that we’ve shared so far, there is one more that you need to be aware of. It’s the Celine Coin Handbag.

We know how much you love small bags with shoulder and we understand the distinctive streamlined designs of Celine. The name ‘Coin’ is connected to the round golden hardware embellished in the center. This bag comes with a golden shoulder bag and it’s painted in the colors of Fall, like burgundy, black and for the coin clutch, it’s in brick-brown. Made from extremely soft leather, its lambskin. Now let us know, how much like would you give for this bag?


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The Dior Fall Winter 2016 Ad Campaign. Yes, we’ve already featured a post like this before. And no, the images are new, never-released and freshly baked from our lovely brand, Dior.

There are two things that we want to talk about, first it has to do with ‘Oh My Gorgeous’ and the second part has to do with ‘Nice?!’.

The ‘Oh My Gorgeous’ part has everything to do with the Diorissimo Collection. As famous as it already is, the Diorissimo Tote is standing not far from the iconic Lady Dior Tote. And to take every-bit advantage of its never-ending fame, Dior decided to drop a few more addition to the line – the Diorissimo Rencontre Chain Wallet and Diorissimo Flap Bag.

Oke, let’s dive deeper into the Diorissimo Flap Bag. It’s going to be the new ‘IT’ thing, released for the Fall Winter 2016 Collection. The first time that we’ve published this bag, our community went wild – I mean, it’s streamlined, stunning, elegant, and luxurious and like it’s sent from heaven.

Then there’s another new addition, that’s the Lady Dior Tote with Pockets and the Diorrismo Tote with Pockets. They are presented in bi-colors and the front pocket is embellished with a closure. It’s more of a casual style than the original version (in our opinion), the respond we get from the community was ‘Nice’. And don’t get us wrong, because if we could get any of these beauties as a gift, we would catfight over it.





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