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A woman's bag is a little slice of her life in which she stores all the things she needs at any given moment (plus her garbage remnants). On the outside, the purse signifies her style, tells you how much she's willing to lug around, and gives a clue as to where she's headed next. 

Women and fashion trends have changed over the past 100 years, but what's stayed the same is that they've cared about the way they dress and the types of handbags they carry. 

Mode put together a fun (and informative!) look at the way women's handbags have changed from 1916 to today, and you have to watch to see how incredible the evolution has been.

Here's what bags looked like in 1916, when everything was dainty and delicate and lacy, apparently.

Skipping ahead to 1966, in an example of what looks like vacation vibes. Sardinia in the '60s — take me there!
Now, in 2016, the bag — complete with fluffy pouf — is roomy enough for a pair of big headphones, a selfie stick, a cell phone (of course), and even some on-the-go snacks.


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Alexander McQueen spring and summer handbags return calm

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Alexander McQueen has finally launched a new bag! This bag is called the Legend of the 2015 spring and summer series in the main event, it uses the top of the arc of zipper design, capacity is also very impressive, and everywhere are with Alexander McQueen’s unique brand of style. Different sizes and colors make Legend a more diverse selection of handbags, so practical a single product, it appears from the title of It Bag is too far away!




(Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend

Wrap presents with smooth lines, corners, metal buckle and every details of the deal represents the Alexander McQueen brand dedication to craft.




(Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend

Spring is certainly bright lines of the world, to see such a bright pink do not you get started?




(Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend

Bright green serpentine bring the whole bag is not the same freshness, revealing a trace of sexy temptation.




 (Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend

Pure black bag is a timeless classic, black leather handbags using this calm in a little small rebel for commuters can cope dress casual street.




(Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend




(Alexander McQueen) 2015 spring and summer handbags Legend



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Bagholics unite! Prada’s latest handbags are among the most covetable this season

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Pionnere is created from soft leather, with a rounded flap and a military inspired strap while Cahier references ancient books with a strong rectangular shape, black leather on the flap fold and bronze trims. Both bags are available in versatile neutral shades like tan black and white and will be available starting today in select Prada stores in Milan, Paris and London.

Not in one of these cities? Don’t fret, the bags will also be available for purchase on Prada’s e-store and will hot stores in New York City on March 4.

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A Closer Look at Coach’s Fall 2015 Handbags

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Coach Fall 2014 Handbags and Outerwear-2

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Chanel New Cruise 2015 Handbags

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Imagine you enter the Chanel Boutique, all of your favorite handbags from the Cruise 2015 Collection at your fingertips, but you cannot take them all home, you have to choose.

READ: Chanel Cruise 2015 Bag Collection

Though we’re experience a cold January, you don’t mind stocking those Camellia Slippers in your wardrobe. Keep them warm and safe, then take them out when the summer starts and flaunt together with your favorite Chanel handbag.

Or a tote bag, just like this new Chanel Quilted Tote in Pink, embellished with silver CC logo on the front and it comes with interwoven chain link for shoulder or hand carry. A size perfect if you need to store a lot, it’s as good as the Grand Shopping Tote.


Then there’s the new Chanel Flap Bag in blue, what a beauty. And on the right are two Boy Flap Bags sitting next to each other.

Presenting two more Chanel Boy Bags in multicolor, the first one is in tweed with red edges, very attractive. The second one is in brown with golden hardware.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know.


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Get Your First Look at Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2015 Handbags

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