Two-Tone Leather Shoulder Bag and Show Box Small Darcy Crossbody Bag

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Show Box Small Darcy Crossbody Bag
Fun, wearable, evening-appropriate yet youthfully casual: this is when Marc by Marc Jacobs shines. And when you should turn down the thousand-dollar bag for a cute design that’s half the price. That is, if you’re the right age (read: not mine) and your personal style is youthful enough to match. Otherwise, a bag like this is bound to look a little silly. The Show Box Darcy takes its shape from an old-fashioned hatbox, but that’s where the throwback elements end. As an adorable alternative to your typical evening clutch, this is about as modern as it gets.
I particularly like the way the round box bag opens up, with the top unfolding to reveal the entire interior so you can quickly grab and go. While I love it as a small top-handle – adding the optional shoulder strap ruins the effect entirely. A geometric bag like this is just too bulky to work as a shoulder style. But with the right personality, a confident girl can rock this day or night to awesome effects.
Pair with: I usually recommend shaking up your designers per outfit, but this tulip-print Marc by Marc dress is too right-on to pass up. Sweet but not too prim, the bag-and-dress pairing begs to be mussed up with bed head and a smoky eye.

Jason Wu Daphne Two-Tone Leather Shoulder Bag

A neutral palette of contrasting black and white, both of equally slick leather, makes for maximum versatility, and so do the adjustable straps, which quickly convert from shoulder to crossbody. This little frame-top isn’t going to hold much (and don’t expect it to expand), but it will likely be just the right size for a lingering lunch with your besties or an unexpected evening night out. And those times tend to be the very best times.

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Prada is known for their knowledge in making the world’s finest leathers. We have bragged about that in one of our Leather Guide Articles. The Saffiano Leather is so famous that it has been patented by the brand.

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One of their latest inventions is the Bomber Bag Collection. This material is not only beautiful and chic, but it is also extremely durable and fairly easy to clean. It feels like nothing can penetrate these magnificent handbags.

Presenting one of the ‘must haves’ from the latest ‘Mountain Collection’, it features the Prada Bomber Leather Tote Bag.

Wait, this is not a new bag.

You’re right. In 2013 Prada dropped the Bomber Fabric Tote Bag, which is almost identical except a few elements. This is actually the upgraded version.

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First, it’s glossy – this bag shines when the lights are turned on. And water is no enemy; it shakes any liquid off like its little dust floating in the air. A classic design, in either black or beige, ideal to wear in the summer, ideal to carry in the winter. Use it for travelling, for work, for the weekends, basically as an everyday bag.

Featuring a shoulder strap that can be detached or adjusted, close it with a zipper closure, there is one outside pocket and two inside pockets crafted. Measuring 34 x 29.5 x 20 (L x H x W) in cm, 



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Givenchy Faux Leather Bag

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Real Givenchy Antigona Imitation Leather

all I can do is to keep showing you as many photos of both authentic and replica Celine bags and offer some extra tips because practice makes everything easier!

I know that buying replica bags online is not easy at all and it’s even more difficult to do so with real designer bags. It’s complicated to authenticate a bag based on just some photos, especially when the seller doesn’t provide clear and detailed photos.
 This will train your eyes to recognize real Celine vs fake much easier. And this goes for replica Celine bags as well. If you want your replica Celine to look great, you need to know the authentic model really well first.

I get asked about replica Celine bags sites all the time and I can’t even begin to tell you how many Celine authentication requests I get on my email! So since so many of you need to know more about how to spot fake Celine bags, I’m going to show you some photos.
I also get asked a lot how is the Bagaholics replica Celine bags, how is the PurseValley Celine or who is the best seller on Aliexpress for replica Celine bags. All I can say is that it depends on each bag and seller.

So in case you were wondering as well, all authentic Celine bags should have a serial number. While it’s acceptable for replica Celine bags to come without a serial number (not the really good ones though), if your Celine bag doesn’t have a serial number, that could be a problem. Of course there are many other things you need to check before you can tell for sure the bag is fake, but this is usually a bad sign.
A reader sent me some photos of her new Antigona Givenchy replica and I have to tell you, there are big differences in quality when it comes to replica bags. It is extremely obvious that this Antigona bag is not made of real leather but that’s not the only reason why it looks so cheap.

You can find a guide on how to authenticate Givenchy Antigona bags here on Spotbags that is also useful for those who are looking for great replicas of this bag. The Givenchy Antigona is already considered an iconic bag, so just like in the case of the ever-popular Givenchy Pandora replica, people can’t get enough of it! Which is why there are so many replica versions of the Antigona bag that vary from really cheap (both in price and in appearance) to expensive high-end replicas.

The Givenchy Antigona replica in this review is definitely one of the cheap ones. As far as I know the bag was bought from Ioffer but I don’t know any details about the seller.
Anyway, I know you always say we should check other customer reviews and I just wanted to tell people to be more careful.

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Paula Cademartori Colorful Petite Faye in Elaphe & Leather

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In Praise of Louis Vuitton’s Epi Leather Bags and Accessories

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Ladies, we have more delightful surprises from the Cruise 2016 Collection. Allow us to freshen your mind first. We do not know its real product name, but let’s call it the Chanel Leather CC Plated Flap Bag.

A few weeks ago, we introduced the exact same bag but diamond quilted in the color red. If you forget about it, go ahead and read the Chanel Quilted CC Plated Flap Bag.

This bag was first introduced in the Cruise 2016 Collection, but it was made from suede and mixed of calfskin/lambskin. Now we’re introducing the full leather edition.

Though Diamond Quilted pattern is very tempting, this one is very attractive too. You see, the beauty lies in the new squared clasp – designed with two studs and the CC logo in the front.

The wave pattern is truly to-die-for, it’s feminine and luxurious. And the pink color mixed with golden hardware, tell me you can say ‘no’ to it! It’s a new bag, a gorgeous collection item and you will love it especially because it’s different than the other flap bags.

So what do you say?


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