Modern Purses Inspired by the Last Century in Fashion

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One of the best ways to trace the changes in culture through the years is by examining fashion, which has always been an outward expression of our changing attitudes.

Styles from various times in the past can be so distinctive that a mere dress or shoe may conjure up vivid images from history, whether we lived through those years or not.

And of course handbags are no exception — as culture changes, so does the look of this quintessential accessory. While we adore real vintage pieces, it's also fun to find modern purses that are inspired by some of our favorite fashions of yore.

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Why You Can’t And Shouldn’t Expect More From Their Fake Gucci Purses

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This is no mystery: you can’t expect fake Gucci purses or replica handbags in general to be both really cheap and really good. A good replica bag needs quality materials and time just like an authentic bag, so don’t forget to take this into consideration the next time you’re buying a replica. Review

This replica site has never really been on my radar because it’s not even specialized in replica bags but this review is a good chance to talk more about extremely cheap replicas.

As I was saying, this site sells replica bags among other products but some of their bag categories don’t even have a product, so the handbags selection is very limited. Some may find their prices appealing but I don’t. I don’t want to sound cocky, but I know better than this. You need to be realistic when shopping for replica bags: if they’re really cheap you can be sure they’re going to look the same!

Here is the review I received and then I’ll tell you more about this site:

“Hi Eva!

I just tried this site Topbagssale and I wanted to tell you a few things about it. Actually my brother found it because he wanted some sneakers & clothes and I thought I could buy a bag as well. They are like really really cheap so it’s not like I risked a lot  I got this Gucci replica bag but to be honest I don’t know what model it is or if it’s a real model at least?

Anyway, the bag feels and looks very cheap but it’s not like I’m shocked or anything. I think I could return it but what’s the point, I would have to pay the shipping fees and it’s not worth the trouble.

I was not disappointed but some of my friends tried it as well and were really disappointed about the quality, so I thought other girls wanna know more about it

Kisses and I love what you do!”

Fake Gucci Bag Front View

Fake Gucci Bag Front View

Fake Gucci Bag Logo

Fake Gucci Bag Logo

Fake Gucci Bag Interior Tag

Fake Gucci Bag Interior Tag

For my friend buying this Gucci knockoff was more like an experiment and it was great of her to share her experience with us! I’ve done experiments like this myself and it’s actually fun. But it’s a whole other thing when you pay close to nothing for a replica bag and expect impeccable quality…that’s just not going to happen!

It’s true, their fake Gucci purses are far more affordable than on other replica sites but this is because they’re really bad too. Overall I don’t like this site at all for a number of reasons: there’s only one picture for each product, the return policy is very bad and so is their customer service. And I also d

I don’t know if my standards are too high or if it’s just my experience, but I would never buy from a replica online mall like this ever again

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How To Get The Best Replica Purses With A Big Discount!

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There are special moments in life that need to be shared with friends, otherwise they lose their significance. And this is one of them! My readers are also my friends and I whenever I have something important to tell them, I do it here, on the blog! review review

So this, my girls, is for you! If you ask me, this is the most important news I’ve heard in a while. I just received an email from announcing their 10-year anniversary with a big discount, 50% off on all replica purses!

As I always say, besides the replica purses a site has to offer, other important aspects are the services and the return policy. Of course the prices are also important but if it were to choose between a website with cheap designer replica purses and no phone number and a bit more expensive but great replica purses, I would always advise you to go with the second one.

It’s very reassuring for me to know that I can get in touch with the customer support department whenever I want. If I have questions about their replica purses, about my order or if I decide to return something that I bought, it’s important to actually speak with someone.

Anyways, back to the announcement I just made!  is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and they are offering 50% discount store wide, whether we are talking about handbag designer knockoffs, shoes, watches or accessories! But you should hurry up, this offer is valid just one day! The part in their email that made my day is this: “May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued!” Really touching, guys!

If you know about any other offers of thins kind, please send me an email so I can post it here! We all love cheap designer replica purses and this offers are just what we need to expand our wardrobe with the best replica handbags.

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Style Guide: What To Wear If You’re A Petit Woman

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I know you think that being petite might be a problem for you something but you don’t have to see it like this. Did you know that most man find petite woman very attractive? I’ve asked a few guys around and even though they couldn’t explain it, this is how they feel. But dressing properly is a totally different thing and today I’m going to try to shed some light.

There are a few rules you need to follow but it also depends on your style and your body figure. The golden rule is choosing the right elements that don’t split your waist line, so match high waisted skirts or pants and a cropped blouse. It’s advised that petite women choose one color straight pants, preferably something not too dark but they should be longer than your ankles. As for the blouses, try to avoid baggy shirts.

Replica Gucci Duilio Brogue Tan

Gucci Replica Soho Small Shoulder Strap Bag

Gucci Replica Soho Mini Shoulder

Now let’s talk about shoes. High helps are the best option, no matter the event. You can upgrade you collection with some Christian Louboutin replica shoes or Saint Laurent, they are beautiful. If you’re not comfortable wearing heels, you can go for a pair of wedge sandals or shoes; as for the color, nude is the safest choice if you don’t like taking risks. Try to avoid booties or strappy sandals – they will make you legs shorter than they actually are.

Here comes my favorite part, designer purses. Coach handbags are very popular these days and at least one celebrity owns one. You can also take a look at some Gucci purses, or any other brand you might like, there are endless possibilities. Just keep in mind that oversized bags are not really your friend, but don’t be afraid of wear medium or large designer purses.

If you like the Gucci purses I’ve shown you today, you can find them here. If you have other suggestion, leave me a comment below.

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Embellish Your Prom Dress With Gucci Purses

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Black Dress

“Dear Isa,

Can you please give me a hand? 
I’m looking for some small clutches or cross-body designer purses. My prom is in a few weeks and I have no idea what to choose. My custom made gown is ready and I have two pair of shoes, high heels and flats, cause I wanna dance all night. Can you please make a short list for me?

Kisses and hugs,

My dear Ana,

Since you never told me the color of your dress or the shoes I’m going to do my best and make a list of the most classic but modern designer purses I would wear myself. The two Gucci purses I picked out are fabulous and they are available in different colors.

Replica Gucci Broadway Purse

Replica Gucci 1973 Purse

The Gucci Broadway evening clutch can be matched with a red, black or any other color you want, except nude or pink, because you can look faded. The second purse, the Gucci 1973 purse it’s more formal and the golden chain and logo adds a sophisticated touch. Like I previously said, these Gucci purses have two or three color variations and you can find them here.

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Fabulous Style Of The Week: Cute Capes And Matching Gucci Purses

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Cute Capes And Matching Gucci Replica Purses

When it comes to fashion and new trends, the best motto one can live by is “never say never”. I’ve learn it a while ago, while I was in high school, and I first took interest in designer brands. Nothing is too old or too crazy to be worn and you should always play with clothes, no matter the age. And I’m not talking only about clothes; you should keep up with the trends when it comes to handbags, shoes and accessories too.

This fall’s most wearable trend are capes. I know the first thing that comes in your mind is Superman or another hero but I can assure you, this is not the case. There are plenty of capes out there that deserve better and today I’m going to teach you how you can wear one in style.

Wearing a cape might have some disadvantages, because they make your waist wider but if you choose a belt within the same style and texture as the cape, you’ll define the waist line and create a good proportion. A cape is also baggy so it’s better to wear skinny jeans or pencil skirts and paired with high heels boots, your look will be very dynamic.

As for the handbags, well there are many to be said here but I’ll stick with some Gucci purses and Marc Jacobs handbags. The first purse I want to present you is the Gucci Duilio Brogue Boston bag. This bag comes in three more colors but this burgundy one is perfect for this fall. My second choice is the Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal purse. This black cross body bag is even more versatile and it brings a youthful touch to any outfit.

Replica Gucci Duilio Brogue Boston Handbag

Replica Marc Jacobs Petal To The Metal Handbag

These Gucci purses and Marc Jacobs handbags presented above can be fund here, over at Club Couture. So what do you think girls? Would you wear a cape? How would you style it?

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