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From gemstone jewellery to the Hermes bag to the Sotheby’s auction to celebrities on the green carpet to custom made cars to table clocks we bring you the week that was at Luxpresso

Magnificent Gemstones Jewellery
Bring in this season of colourful rainbows with a stunning line up of gemstone studded jewellery. From raindrop inspired emerald drop earrings to pear shaped ruby pendants, to cushion cut sapphire and round cut emerald and diamond studded button earrings to ruby necklaces to earrings inspired by the Lily of Valley flower to cuff bracelets these trinkets are worth owning.

Guide to picking the perfect Hermes Bag
The Hermes bag with its signature saddle stitch is a rage with women all around the world.
Hermes bags still continue to stitch by hand as this saddle stitch can only be executed by hand. It speaks volumes about itself and has taken names of legendary actresses like Grace Kelly and Jane Birkin. It is a work of art in an array of colours and many of their designs are limited edition and best sellers amongst art lovers.

Celebrities spotted donning extravagant, fairytale gowns at the IIFA 2016
Madrid made headlines in India as Bollywood A listers checked into the Spanish capital to attend the IIFA 2016 movie awards. Sashaying down the green carpet in their stunning ensembles they turned heads wherever they went. Aditi Rao was in a emerald green gown by Shantanu & Nikhil, Deepika Padukone was in a Sabyasachi gown, Bipasha wore a Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla creation, Shilpa Shetty looked sensational in a Shantanu & Nikhil gown, Athiya Shetty wore a Rami Kadi gown, Bhumi Pednekar was also in a Shantanu creation, Priyanka Chopra was in a Elsa Schiaparelli and Divya Khosla Kumar in a Manish Malhotra gown.

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50 Gorgeous Gifts For the Handbag Obsessed

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Sometimes the best gifts are the most obvious. If she's a bag-lover, take the hint. Armed with 50 of our editors' picks, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Something that speaks to the bohemian, the classicist, or the trendsetter — it's all inside. Just keep reading to find something special for her — or yourself! — right here.

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The Celine Bag

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Celine Bag Replica Comparison

Where are Celine bags made? Even though some high end designers now manufacture their bags in China, Celine still makes its bags in Italy. People have also told me about replica sellers that claim their Celine replica bags are made in Italy with original leather and that’s why they cost more than the ones made in China, but allow me to doubt that is true. Some sellers would say anything to sell their products and even though the replica bags they are selling are actually good, it doesn’t mean they are made in Italy. So don’t fall into this “fake Celine bags made in Italy” trap, it’s probably just a reason for the seller to overprice the bags.

I don’t know if you guys remember but a month ago I posted a replica Celine Tie tote review. The bag was bought from a replica seller on Yahoo Auctions that told my friend there are two price points for his replica Celine bags based on where they are made.Celine replica bags are probably made in China. If you comes across a seller who tells you the same thing, the best thing you can do is ask for as many photos as possible to do a comparison. And then you need to ask yourself if the more expensive one is really worth it.
Pros: The stitching is absolutely perfect! It is aligned all over the bag and it is very straight and small. The handles seem to be the right size as it fits in the crook of my arm but not over the shoulder (as another replica I bought did) and the interioir is lushious suede. The pocket has the date stamp tab inside. The bag is made out of real leather and is so increadibly smooth and soft, the suede inside is absolutely lovely!
Customer Service: As always, Victor is very helpful and send really good pre-shipping photos. He also makes sure that all my demands are met and if I don’t like the first bag he sends pictures of he will find me another one until I am happy.
Packaging and shipping: The bag came so well packagde stuffed with 3 air pillows and plastic over all the hardware. The bag arrived within 15 days of payment and it was trackable.

I think that Victor is an excellent seller for Cèline bags. I have different sellers for different brands. But again, I am so happy with this purchase and I hope you can give me some feedback for this bag and post the review on you blog.”
Just like I told my friend, I don’t think the interior is lined with real suede and the front logo looks a bit crooked (especially the accent on “E”) and I also thought that the handle tab on the right looks a bit wider than the one on the left but it seems that the tabs are actually the same size but looks a bit off since the bag is stuffed. Even so, these are flaws that can get overlooked.
 Wow, right? My friend’s advice on how to choose the best Aliexpress sellers? Here it is: “I always choose the sellers with highest rating and ask for tons of pictures before asking them to send the bag

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Balenciaga, as we all know, evokes rather a mystery that’s waiting to be discovered. And with the release of the brand’s Spring Summer 2016 Bag Collection, we can’t help but notice how fashion-forward and modern their designs are. It’s like they’re letting us look at the possibilities in bag design! That’s what we love about Balenciaga – they are quite fearless and headstrong with releasing unconventional pieces we’d love anyway.

And since this collection involves a lot of wonderful pieces, we’ll be splitting it into two parts. You can read about Part Two by clicking on the link below.

READ: Balenciaga Spring Summer 2016 Runway Bag Collection Featuring Gold and Silver Mini Bags





It’s a white affair for Balenciaga with their runway collection! And today, we’re going to talk about one of the highlight pieces they have for us, the Waist Bag. This is definitely not your ordinary fanny pack, as we’ve been told. It’s an ultra-chic companion, and because of its immaculate, white color, we bet it’d look great with a lot of ensembles! Do you dig this design?


It can even be worn over your shoulders! Well, that’s kind of original, don’t you think?









That ends our all-white party for today! What do you think about this collection in particular? Comment and let us know!

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Balenciaga Presents the Neo Classic Mini Bag

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Cute mini bags have been included among the most statement-making spring/ summer 2015 handbag trends and we have seen various fashion designers and brands present their options for the new season. The spanking-new Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini bag is one of the most glamorous interpretations of the trend, a real arm candy that every fashioniser would dream to have. It may be small in stature, yet it possesses so much power to become a focal point in your summer looks. The comfort it provides when it comes to carrying your belongings with you as you stroll in the city is just another advantage.

Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini Bag

Ever since being announced the new creative director of Balenciaga back in 2012, Alexander Wang has changed a lot in the DNA of the luxury fashion house, also updating the bag collection of Balenciaga. He presented his own version of the iconic Balenciaga City bag, as well as launched the Cable Shopper and the Le Dix range of bags, and all his designs have enjoyed a huge success among the brand’s devoted customers and not only. The new Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini bag comes to revolutionize the street style looks of real It girls, making even the big fans of roomy handbags ditch them for these mini wonders. What we especially love about this shoulder bag is that you can enjoy the freedom of both of your hands when still managing to carry the most important things with you.

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The rich colors used for the new Balenciaga bag ensure to add a splash of brightness to your monochrome looks, while becoming contrasting details for more colorful outfits. Available in opulent blue, black and bubblegum pink, the bag features a chain strap that lets it wear cross-body and on the shoulder, depending on your preferences.

The only thing you may not like so much about this cute little thing is its price: the Balenciaga Neo Classic Mini bag retails for $1635 and can be found online on the brand’s official website. However, you can be sure of making a good investment, since this bag is versatile, trendy and chic and can be a great complementing detail for practically any outfit, at the same time giving you the title of a real It girl. Expect to see lots of famous fashion bloggers, editors and celebrities carry this bag in the new season!

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