Check Out Chanel’s Metiers d’Art 2016 Paris in Rome Wallets, WOCs and Small Leather Goods, Complete with Prices

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On Wallets

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Sale PSA (theme – leather outerwear!): A lovely black draped wool coat with leather sleeves from Mackage, now 20% off, an absolutely adorable jacket with leather trim from IRO, now ~60% off, and anasymmetrical zip moto jacket available in both regular and petite sizes from Bernardo, now under $300. 

Some people that I know – both men and women – seem to love collecting wallets. I’ve never been a wallet hoarder myself. My vice has always been handbags! So imagine my surprise when I went to gather all of my various card holders and wallets, and realized that I actually had accumulated quite a few over the years. I gathered together my favorites and thought I would share my experiences with them.


From left to right, clockwise:

1. Louis Vuitton “Brazza” Wallet, $605 I got this many years ago in the classic Damier print, and it was only after the fact that I realized it was a men’s wallet. I really like this one because it holds a ton, is made out of Vuitton canvas which makes it virtually indestructible, and it just flips open. I’ve found that most women’s wallets that are checkbook style have some kind of a flap or clasp (see the Bearn below), and when I’m a hurry, sometimes it’s just easier to grab my cards without any fuss. This wallet has been abused and I still think it looks pretty good.

2. Hermes Bearn Wallet, $3000 (you can also usually find a good selection for less at Fashionphile). This Bearn is almost a decade old, and I think it looks pretty nice! I found it when Hermes was doing a big release for Turquoise (since then, they’ve done another big Turquoise push, just last year). The color just called to me. My Bearn is made out of Chevre leather, and has a gusset which I’d recommend for extra space, though it does cost more. If you like your wallets to be very sturdy, I might recommend choosing Epsom leather instead of Chevre – while I love the feel of Chevre, my wallet has definitely gotten dinged and banged up over the years, and I think Epsom would have held up better. I had to send this one to the Hermes “Spa” and $250 later, don’t feel like much was really done except for a repaired stitch or two.

3. Comme des Garcons French Wallet, $215. I’m a huge fan of these wallets! They’re really well priced, the designs are cool, and the leather is super sturdy. Because this one was fairly inexpensive, I’m not careful at all with how I’ve handled it – it’s been dropped on the pavement, scratched, and majorly banged around. And still looks great. It holds a good amount of cards, my cash, and the coin pocket is very well designed. I always recommend this wallet to those looking for a nice one at any price point – and the fact that this is only $215 is just icing on the cake.

4. Hermes Silk In Wallet, $760. This is my current wallet, since I got it earlier this year. And so far, I’m really liking it. The leather wears nicely (Epsom) and I love looking at the silk lining inside, its like a little surprise. The silk has worn very well – I’m not careful at all and am constantly shoving cards and cash, and it still looks pristine, and completely clean. I suspect the weak point on this wallet is actually the silk tab pull for the zip, since that’s the only silk part that’s constantly exposed outside, and its constantly getting pawed at/used. Worse case scenario, I think that silk pull could easily be replaced by Hermes, or pulled off entirely since there’s a perfectly functional silver zipper underneath. The price is high but considered reasonable for Hermes, so I would definitely recommend this wallet for anybody looking for a beautiful version from Hermes that will last through reasonable wear and tear.

5. Louis Vuitton Key Pouch, $390 . This is an oldie but goodie, which I haven’t used in a while. However, this is one of my favorite small accessories that Louis Vuitton makes. Its incredibly useful. It fits a bunch of cards both inside and out, and has a zip top for bills/cash, as well as an open pocket for cards that you need to access often. I used to stick my Oyster Card in the open pocket when I worked for awhile in London, and simply swiped the entire pouch over the reader without having to take my card out. Also, the keychain attachment is great – tons of open totes have little D-rings which this keychain attaches easily to, which both keeps your money/cards more secure, and makes it super easy to find and access. One of my favorites.

6. Hermes Citizen Twill Card Holder, $400. Another accessory originally intended for men, which I’ve co-opted for myself. I like this sleek little card case a lot – its just meant to fit your necessary cards (there’s four slots), and has an open slit in the middle which I usually stick a few bills into. There’s no spot for coins. I originally bought this card holder to use in my clutches and while traveling, and its fulfilled its function well. Plus, the inside pocket and the slots are all lined with a neutral patterned silk (this is for men, after all) – its a nice detail which is what drew me to the holder in the first place. I’d recommend this item for anybody looking for a sleek little card holder.

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Quality leather? Check. Fascinating design? Check. Versatility and functionality? You got it. The Gucci Jackie Soft Convertible Wallet is the next piece to watch out for! If you’re looking for a strapped wallet you can take along with you while running some errands (a.k.a. for everyday use), then this piece is your best bet. Don’t underestimate its seemingly teeny size, though – it is enough to carry all your essentials! Gucci has made it a point to come up with a piece that’s simple enough (no-frills) to be worn for the most part. Who says you can’t rock designer whenever you want?

This leather baby is a stunner – at 9” x 6.3” x 1.2” inches (W x H x D), it has an adjustable and removable strap with a drop that’s enough to let it hang on your shoulders (or as a crossbody) in style. It comes with palladium-colored hardware and a piston strap closure, which secures your valuables in place. Inside, it has an interior open pocket which divides the wallet neatly, keeping it compartmentalized. The craftsmanship in this thing is unbelievable.

Priced at $895 USD or €750 EUR, you can get your very own Jackie Soft Convertible Wallet via Gucci e-store.









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Louis Vuitton is offering another piece we could love, by virtue of Lockme Wallets! If you’re into great pieces with timeless designs, then this could be your next purchase. The luxury goods house has been whipping-up some great pieces for us, we’ve actually lost count! I guess you could say that their creative team never sleeps until they satisfy our designer cravings. You’re doing it right, LV.

The Lockme Wallet, which measures 19cm x 10cm (L x H), ain’t just a pretty face – aside from its grained calf leather exterior which is just so pleasant to look at, it also boasts of its gains in the functionality department, with twelve credit card slots, a zipped coin pocket, two large gusseted compartments for banknotes, two interior flat pockets, and an outer pocket in front. Pretty nifty for a small piece, eh? It has a by-button clasp LV pressure lock, which secures your valuables in style. The shiny, silver-brass detailing is on-point.

Priced at $1110 USD or €750 EUR, you can get your very own Lockme Wallet via Louis Vuitton e-store.




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Old Vs New Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallets Comparison

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New 2014 Fall Winter Louis Vuitton handbags Continue available for sale online and store. After take a view the latest new LV Iconoclasts Bag, Capucines, Dora Tote, Doc BB, Alma And More Bags For Fall 2014, Finally, we will bring you the new LV Wallet. This Fall, It is also have some of new Sarah Wallets launch. Here we take some of comparison images about the old and new edition below.

New LV Sarah Wallet is an envelope style wallet which now consists of a whopping 16 credit card slots, but the old edition only has six credit card slots and has a straight flap front. And 2014 Fall LV Sarah Wallet style also allows you to carry as mush as possible even if you didn’t want to carry the bag all the time which has a calf leather lining and includes two large compartments for bank notes.

More different places you can find yourself in the pics we show you below and tell us will you planning to grab a piece of those new Lv Sarah Wallets at Cheap Lv Bags?

1 Louis-Vuitton-Epi-Sarah-Wallet-Interior-Old 2 1 Louis-Vuitton-Epi-Sarah-Wallet-Old 1

1 Louis-Vuitton-Pistache-Epi-Sarah-Wallet-NM3-Back-Side-6 1 Louis-Vuitton-Pistache-Epi-Sarah-Wallet-NM3-Front-Side-e1410792877294 5 1 Louis-Vuitton-Pistache-Epi-Sarah-Wallet-NM3-Interior 3 1 Louis-Vuitton-Sarah-Wallet-Interior-4

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Nothing Good About It

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Your first warning with a site like this should be the ridiculous price. ‘Ridiculous’ when it comes to price usually refers to an outrageously high number. In this case it`s way too low! If someone tells you they`re going to sell you a high quality replica handbag for $21 you might as well ask if they`ll throw in a stolen car for another fifty bucks. Good china may be honest about the value of their bags, but that doesn`t change the fact that they`re useless.


The quality is in perfect balance with the price – terrible, absolutely terrible. I didn`t expect much. In fact I expected a disaster and, well, that`s what I got. I bought a laughable Coach Madison Tote, which is a lovely bag in reality, and I`ve been on the hunt for one for a while. When I found one here for 21 dollars I nearly fell over, and for the sake of the review went ahead with it.

The logo was upside down! How in the world? The poor guy in the factory must have glued a thousand of these on that day, and well, got dizzy!

The canvas is really cheap, the leather feels like vinyl bus seats, the zipper was bent and flimsy, the interior is hideous, and with an upside down logo and a crappy signature Coach pattern, there`s not much to redeem this bag.


To be honest, who really cares? If all the bags are $21, that means they`re worth, what? $5? Do you really care if there are 10 or 5000 bags that are worth $5? Not a single one is going to be worth buying, unless you`re hoping to have a costume party! For what it`s worth, they have pretty much all the possible types of product that you can get in replica, from bags to clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry and wallets.


Shipping came from China in a very strange and mysterious package. It took two weeks and looked rather disheveled upon arrival. As for their shipping policy, there isn`t one! There is no text whatsoever on the site. You`re completely in the dark!

Return Policy

There isn`t one! Now that`s unheard of. On the site there is no declared return policy, which if the bags weren`t only $21 would completely rule out any purchase. It`s not like you`re taking a big risk…When I called and asked the poor guy had terrible English, and he seemed to suggest that yes, you could return a damaged bag, but how, he couldn`t explain. He told me to email.

Site Usability

The pictures of the bags are too small, and there`s only one picture for each bag, which makes it awful difficult to get any real sense of them. The layout of the site is fine, but the utter lack of information, either in terms of the features of the bags, or the return and shipping policies is unforgivable.


They meant well, I assume…but that`s not good enough. The staff was an absolute headache to get a hold of and they barely understood anything I was saying. I am honestly not the kind of person that feels it`s ok to slack someone simply because they`re not a native English speaker, but when it comes to customer service world wide, it`s absolutely essential that you be able to communicate. If you`re going to receive credit card payments especially, it`s not a question.

My Humble Conclusion

The only reason I`d see someone wanting to buy one of these bags is if they were having a costume party and everyone wanted to dress like a candy store version of a fashionista. You could get all decked out in the clothes, watches, handbags, wallets, shoes, sunglasses, head to toe in terrible quality replica and have a great time. If you plan on taking your purchase seriously, stay way the heck away from here.

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